Staff Directory

Division Staff Person Title
President’s Office Catherine Riley (interim) President and CEO
  Cheryl Martelli Executive Assistant
Marketing Catherine Riley Vice President, Marketing
National Marketing Rodney Lusk Director, National Marketing
  Mark White Director, Los Angeles Office
  John Gustavo Blair Manager, Business Development (Emerging Technologies)
  Maloree Kanney Assistant Business Development Manager
  David Kelley Manager, Business Development (Data Computing and Government Contracting)
  Andrew McCue Assistant Business Development Manager
  Anne Rosenblum Manager, Business Development (Capital Attraction/Life Sciences)
  Alexander Sanchez National Marketing Coordinator
  Alex Thalacker Manager, Business Development (Software/Hardware)
  Serina Williams Manager. Associate Marketing / Researcher
International Marketing Jan Mul Director, International Marketing
  Ian Metcalf Director, London Office
  Yair Ephrati Director, Tel Aviv Office
  Charles Kim Director, Seoul Office
  Ashish Mehta Director, India Office (Mumbai)
  Markus van Tilburg Director, Berlin Office
  Jatinder Kaur Khosla Manager, Business Development (Europe)
  Asher Kotz Manager, Business Development (Cybersecurity and Israel)
  Juhi Naithani  Manager, Business Development (India and Canada)
  Selenge Ninj Marketing Coordinator
  Andrew Yu Manager, Business Development (Asia)
Business Diversity Karen Smaw Director, Business Diversity
  Benjamin Gaither Business Development Assistant
Communications Alan Fogg Vice President, Communications and Research
  Seth Livingstone Manager, Communications
  Vicki Reeve Manager, Graphic Designer/Production
  Andrew Taherzadeh Manager, Digital Communications
Market Intelligence and Real Estate Curtis W. Hoffman Director, Real Estate Services
  Donna Hurwitt Director, Market Intelligence
  Theresa Rhodes Manager, Business Research
  Valentine Southall Research Analyst, Real Estate
  Stephen Tarditi Manager, Real Estate and GIS Services
  Bill Webb Manager, Market Research
Management Robin Fenner Vice President, Management
  Barbara Cohen Director, Administration
  Sandra White Manager, Human Resources
  Flor Morrobel Manager, Procurement
  Connie Royal Director, Special Events
  Obed Vasquez IT Specialist
  Katie Smith Special Events Coordinator