Baileys Crossroads Business Area

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Skyline Building in Baileys Crossroads The Baileys Crossroads submarket is located on the eastern border of Fairfax County at the intersection of Leesburg Pike (Route 7) and Columbia Pike (Route 244). Baileys Crossroads was originally the winter home for Hachaliah Bailey's Circus, thus the name.

Baileys Crossroads has about 3.2 million square feet of office space with the majority located in the eight-building Skyline complex (pictured). Skyline consists of 2.5 million square feet of office space, 3,000 residential units and a health club.

DISA building in Baileys CrossroadsDue to its proximity to the Pentagon and downtown Washington, D.C., most of the office space at Skyline is occupied by the federal government (includng the military) and related contractors. Major employers in the area include Booz Allen Hamilton, the Department of Defense, HP Enterprise Services, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Raytheon, SAIC, the Social Security Administration and the Department of Justice.

The Baileys Crossroads area is a major retail center more than 2 million square feet of retail space. Other commercial uses include approximately 318,500 square feet of industrial/hybrid space and three hotels.

revitalization logoBaileys Crossroads is also home to one of the seven Commercial Revitalization Districts/Areas in Fairfax County. For additional information on the Baileys Crossroads Revitalization District, click here.



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