Building a Winning Team (Webinar)


Learn about HR Strategies for Small Businesses. This course will cover human resource planning, recruitment, selection, training, development, compensation, and designing an effective management team.


TiE DC Startup Mentoring Event


Come hear about strategies from seasoned & successful Mentors who are serial entrepreneurs, thought leaders, angels, and VC's on how to navigate the tough time, staying afloat, sustaining, and (re)building business.

The session will include a 60-minute panel discussion and Q&A with the panelists (open to all participants) followed by 15-30 mins of one-on-one mentoring sessions for preregistered and selected* / early-stage companies.

Weighing the Decision to Safely ‘Reopen’ Northern Virginia


In the near future state and local agencies, school systems, and universities in Northern Virginia will need to make decisions about how and when to resume “normal operations.” What factors should decision-makers take into consideration when finalizing plans to safely send people back to work, school, and play?  Is this a choice between public safety and economic recovery or is there another framework we should consider? What metrics, data, and other factors should be taken into consideration? And using these metrics, where are we now, in terms of readiness to “reboot the economy”?