Safe and Clean: The Passenger Experience Post-Pandemic


The importance of aviation to the economy of our region cannot be overstated. This pandemic has had a huge impact on our economy and restoring aviation is a key component in aiding the recovery. The speed of the recovery will be directly related to passenger willingness to get back on planes and connect with friends, family and markets across the country and around the world. Join us for this free webinar to hear about the steps that are being taken to ensure passenger safety at Dulles and National.

Virtual Rocket Pitch + Power Networking


“Virtual Rocket Pitch + Power Networking” by CONNECTpreneur is a new event which features 2 virtual networking sessions and a virtual Rocket Pitch segment with exciting early stage companies.

Back to Business…But How?


No one can predict the lasting impact of the pandemic on business in our region. Will people once again rideshare and use public transit, or will our roads be even more congested as everyone prefers to drive alone? How will the hospitality industry and commercial real estate be affected by increased use of teleworking and virtual meetings? As businesses reopen and reoccupy their physical spaces, what protocols and workplace configurations will be necessary to ensure the safety of employees and/or clients?

Join Dulles Area Transportation Association for this insightful and thought provoking panel discussion featuring: