Build Back – Dream Forward


Join The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia for a virtual town hall to discuss a shared dream for our region, through COVID-19 and beyond, to build a community that works for everyone.

Leading voices in Northern Virginia working to eradicate systemic racism and injustice will share their thoughts, their work, and their inspiring visions for a more equitable future, one that helps all Northern Virginians striving for good health and financial prosperity achieve their dreams.


Beyond COVID-19: NOVA Business Resiliency Webinars


As the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to reverberate around the world, the importance of reliable supply chains, sourcing and international trade have become top concerns for virtually every industry. Long perceived as a sleepy backwater of manufacturing, production and finished goods, supply chain management has become one of the top priorities for CEOs and shareholders alike.

At the same time as the pandemic exposed global supply chain vulnerabilities, recent international trade conflicts have exacerbated the issue with tariff and non-tariff barrier concerns on the rise.

How do supply chains affect my business? What should I worry about with my supply chains? Does this period present an opportunity to diversify my suppliers or decrease costs? What are the hallmarks of great supply chain management?

Annual State of Economic Growth


Please join the Northern Virginia Chamber and Cox on July 9 as we present our Annual State of Economic Growth!

$39 – $49