The Reinvention of Food


The emergency food safety net is reinventing itself – in REAL TIME. Amid closures of nutrition support sites like schools, rising unemployment, cutbacks on public transit systems, record level demand, supply chain issues, and other massive challenges to food access and distribution, the sector is rethinking everything and rapidly shifting gears, with local actors leading the way. What are the most promising innovations in emergency food access and distribution, and what can our region do to help promote, build and sustain them, both during the pandemic and beyond?


Virginia Conference On Energy Diversity & Corporate Sustainability


The Virginia Chamber Foundation is pleased to present the Virginia Conference on Energy Diversity and Corporate Sustainability.

Now hosted as a virtual conference, attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from business and policy leaders on how we can make Virginia more competitive through corporate sustainability and a diverse energy portfolio.

This signature event will also kick-off the key discussions to develop Virginia’s next strategic plan, Blueprint Virginia 2030. We hope you will join us and play a role in laying the groundwork for this statewide initiative.


In A Word: Education


Education - join the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce to hear business' vital role to support K-12 learners in a virtual world as we develop the future workforce.

Real Estate Toolkit Workshop Series


Enhance your real estate skills! Increase your value in the marketplace by learning practical skills essential to succeed in the real estate industry. The Mason Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship presents core skills workshops taught by real estate experts.