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Smart Cities Week Global Conference


Through the crisis of the global pandemic, the Smart Cities Council sees an opportunity to connect cities like never before. Smart Cities Week Global is a FREE online experience, accessible by all smart city practitioners.

Ensuring PNT Superiority on the Future Battlefield


The United States military has long led the world in the development and employment of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) in its operations. Military PNT capabilities have become vital to the military’s ability to shape the global environment, deter aggression, and fight and win wars, now and in the future. This reliance on PNT, and particularly the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS), has created an attractive point of attack which adversaries will increasingly target. U.S. and allied forces will be challenged to maintain mission effectiveness in environments in which PNT information is denied, degraded, or spoofed across nearly every phase of military operations. To strengthen national defense, the Department of Defense and the private sector must work together to create resiliency within the military’s existing GPS enterprise, create sources of PNT that enable robustness and resilience, and find ways to disrupt adversaries’ use of PNT information.

Price to Win – It’s More than Just Pricing


n today’s market price is a big factor in submitting a winning proposal. However that is only part of the story. There are a number of variables that need to be addressed before you develop a price. This presentation will explore all the dimensions of developing a company culture, structure and strategy that, once established, position you to develop a Price to Win.

Instructor Gary Fitch will discuss strategies his team used to grow Gray Hawk Systems to $100M in sales in nine years, Kingfisher Systems from $0-$42M revenue in seven years with $500M in outstanding proposals, and White Owl Systems from $0-$3.5M run rate in 24 months.

TiE DC Capital Govcon


What opportunities are ahead in 2021 for government contractors? How do you position your company for success? Join us for a forward-looking and informative conference designed for founders and CEOs of 8(a), Women-Owned, HUBZones and Veteran owned businesses. Hear from government contracting leaders in our region, connect with TiE DC's community of government contractors, and learn how to achieve your growth goals.

$20 – $100

Pre-Solicitation Groundwork Webinar


This webinar is designed to help potential applicants learn about the unique nature of the NASA SBIR program and how to properly plan to engage with the various NASA centers in advance in order to increase your chance of success. No contact with NASA is allowed once the solicitation is released, so now is the time to engage! We’ll discuss the priorities of the NASA centers, what they’ve funded in the past, and what some of the standard topics are likely to be in the FY21 solicitation. 

Free – $45

2020 Year End Planning for New Businesses


Congratulations you started your own business in 2020! Maybe you hadn’t considered everything you should be tracking as a business owner. In this webinar we provide thoughts on business entity […]

Fall 2020 Virtual Job Fair


The WIT Virtual Career Fair easily connects you – in real time – with employers from the comfort of your home or office via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone