Brand Planning in a Time of Uncertainty


Daily it seems there are major shifts in every aspect of life: economically, socially, politically, culturally. You've got a business to run, appointments to set, deadlines to meet and clients to gain and retain. In this workshop, business owners will learn a few universal key principles to help them discover, define, and deliver a unique, persuasive brand in a time of rapid change and rampant unpredictability.

Presented by Brand Consulting and Design expert, Reggie Holmes, founder of Enthuse Creative.

The Digital Divide: How COVID-19 Exposed Disparity in Communities and What We Can Do About It


The COVID-19 pandemic has put the digital divide in stark relief. Low-income families, already experiencing disproportionate health impacts and income loss, have struggled to access unemployment and other assistance requiring online applications.

With school now virtual for most students, many families don’t have adequate affordable broadband to meet family needs, and often don’t have appropriate devices or experience with using them. All of this conspires to deepen disparities.

While fear, loss of income, and food insecurity were the deepest initial hardships, the depth of the digital divide made every solution more challenging.

Using the experience of the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) residents as a case study, join our expert panel to explore problems and potential solutions to three aspects of the digital divide: quality, affordable internet access; appropriate devices; and, the know-how and support to use them.

Fall 2020 CMMC Forum


As the first Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) RFPs quickly approach, it is essential that organizations and companies shift gears to CMMC preparation. CMMC is not just about fixing a gap or implementing a control, it's about an organizational behavior, such as Practice Maturity and Process Maturity, which is essential for Level 3 and higher.

Potomac Officers Club’s Fall CMMC Forum will feature Katie Arrington, Chief Information Security Officer at the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and a 2020 Wash100 Award recipient, as a keynote speaker. She will analyze the meaning of “process maturity” and the concept of “evidence” of maturity.

During the forum, you will hear from additional federal and industry leaders who will discuss the requirements and priorities of implementing the certification, including scoping of CMMC assessments, supply chain impacts and C3PAOs.

“I think that five years from now, it's part of a national standard, it's part of how we do business,” said Arrington in regards to CMMC integration.