GovCon “LIVE Q&A” Cafe


Each month will feature a new theme or topic with 4 Panelist who will present on the topic and answer your live questions.


Building Your Business Strategy For 2021


This workshop is designed to discuss building a strategic business plan for 20211 with  business owners, business managers, companies, or business leadership teams. 

So You Want to be a Prime Contractor?


How do you avoid costly mistakes on the road to becoming a prime contractor?

If you are a successful, growing Government subcontractor who is thinking about pursuing an opportunity as a Government prime contractor, then you need to consider the regulations, responsibilities, and the increasingly competitive landscape before making the leap from subcontractor to prime.

Gary Fitch, Chairman and Investor at White Owl Systems, and a Cohn Reznick Consultant will share such insider knowledge as how to determine if your company is ready for prime status, the timeline of steps to take to become a prime contractor, and best industry practices for structuring your company and making strategic decisions to ensure success.