All Day

Smart City Challenge 2021


Join us from January 23- February 18, 2021 for a month of hacking where we create and celebrate innovative solutions that make our region smarter, livable, resilient, and sustainable for everyone. We invite people from all walks of life to join and highly encourage women and people of color to register and share their solutions for the future!

Successful Teaming Agreements and Subcontracts


This course is designed to teach and help small business negotiate and leverage relationships with large businesses, other small businesses, and individuals to create successful teaming and subcontract relationships. We will examine the purpose of these agreements, examine the meaning of various provisions contained in these agreements, and discuss strategies for negotiations.

Filling the Gap: Finding and Upskilling Talent Across Northern Virginia


The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority presents “Filling the Gap: Finding and Upskilling Talent Across Northern Virginia.” This webinar will focus on new and innovative ways for businesses, government agencies and non-profits to attract and train qualified job applicants.
Join us as we learn from private-sector and university leaders in workforce development, apprenticeship and retraining programs, and share our progress in attracting more talent to the region, including through our website.
Executives, HR directors and staff, and recruiters from across all industries should attend this insightful webinar on filling the talent gap.