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Smart City Challenge 2021


Join us from January 23- February 18, 2021 for a month of hacking where we create and celebrate innovative solutions that make our region smarter, livable, resilient, and sustainable for everyone. We invite people from all walks of life to join and highly encourage women and people of color to register and share their solutions for the future!

Successful Strategies for Filing Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REAs) and Claims


Federal government contracts are not perfect when awarded.  During performance, contract changes may be required to fix inaccurate or defective specifications, react to newly encountered circumstances, or modify the work to ensure the contract meets government requirements.  Any changes made to a government contract can force a contractor to perform more work, or to perform work in a manner that increases a contractor’s costs. Unfortunately, the parties do not always agree on the scope, value, or even the existence of a contract change. As such, contract changes account for a significant portion of contract litigation. This class will provide an overview of the contract disputes process and outline strategies that contractors can use to successfully file REAs and Claims.

Leaders of Digital Transformation (CMS, NASA, Census)


Learn more about opportunities, successes, best practices, failures, and lessons learned in large scale agency digital transformation efforts from experienced leaders in the space. Join us for an interactive discussion […]

Catalyst for Change: How Companies Turn Disruption Into Success


What are two things Mars and Earth have in common during this difficult time? Dangerous environments and roving robots. Originally conceived to explore the surface of Mars, Starship’s little rover is now meeting the needs of humans back on Earth.  Starship Technologies has rolled out a fleet of rovers roaming across the US and Europe to serve the basic need of safely and conveniently delivering meals.

Already deployed in over 30 cities, and with more than 1000 autonomous rovers in service, Starship recently completed 1 million delivery missions.

What is the future of robot delivery? What other needs could they serve? How will AI change daily life? Is anyone hungry?

WBC Registering Your Business 2/18/21


Led by an Attorney – Registering Your Business walks you through steps that are needed and outlines processes of becoming a legal business entity. This workshop guides you through legal […]