GSA MAS Schedule Maintenance


Does your company have a GSA Schedule? Are you trying to update trying to update your GSA Schedule but are frustrated by the terminology and complexity of the updates? Are you having trouble keeping the minimum sales to maintain an active GSA Schedule and avoid contract cancellation? Then this class is for you.

Mental Health During Crisis (Member Roundtable)


After a year that has had a monumental impact on the world's economy and our health, it's no surprise that many of us are experiencing at least a little personal stress. The question is, will the stress we've experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic have a long-term impact on our health?

Join us for a discussion around the significant--and likely lasting--mental health impacts of the pandemic with a focus on how to stay resilient in these uncertain times. Cigna's Market President will lead our discussion.

New Virginia: Scaling4Growth Program Overview


NEW VIRGINIA: Scaling4Growth is Virginia’s brand of the Interise Streetwise MBA program. This six-month program is designed for business owners to learn how to scale their business by assessing their […]