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The CMMC Paradigm and Contractor Supply Chain Risk Management Obligations


Companies seeking to begin or continue doing business with the Defense Department must comply with the November 2020 interim procedural rules in order to be eligible for a DoD contract or subcontract. Cybersecurity compliance has become as fundamental to federal contracting as “technical, past performance and price.” The effort to comprehend, analyze, prepare and implement the company’s cybersecurity necessary to obtain CMMC certification is time-consuming (6-9 months) with the cost depending on the CMMC Level sought. Prudent contractors must confirm that their NIST-based System Security Plan is sufficient for their current and anticipated contract obligations. Your company’s CMMC certified level of “cyber hygiene” will directly impact your eligibility to contract or subcontract with the Defense Department (and non-DoD agencies such as GSA and Homeland Security) as well as impact your competitive eligibility anywhere in the DoD supply or service chain.