1 Million Cups Webinar


Join us Virtually! We want to continue to help business owners grow their business and provide the opportunity each week to give feedback to them on their business challenge. It […]

Don’t Fear the DCAA: Secrets of Setting Up & Maintaining Compliant Govt Cost Acct. System


A correct financial management approach will set your company up for success not only with your audits, but for long-term successful growth. In this class, you will learn:

When should you set up a compliant accounting system?
What are the practices and strategies to instill from the beginning to ensure that your internal systems are consistent with federal regulations?
What you should expect from a proper accounting system?
How to ace a DCAA / DCMA audit?
The benefits of over-preparing: using your sound financial practices to win proposals.

Fed Gov Con – 2021 – DFAR


We will uncover each Part of The DEFENSE FEDERAL ACQUISTION REGULATIONS (DFARS). Recordings can be found on our website and YouTube channel with 400+ other federal government contracting webinars. Questions? […]