Centreville Business Area

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Centreville buildingCentreville is located in western Fairfax County just a few miles south of Washington Dulles International Airport. Situated around the crossroads of Interstate 66, Route 28 and Lee Highway (U.S. Route 29), Centreville is easily accessible from all directions.

Similar to Burke, Centreville is a predominantly residential community with a scattering of office (nearly 982,000 square feet), retail (1.7 million square feet) and hotel developments (two). Office development is characterized by low- and mid-rise projects with surface parking.

Perhaps the most recognizable development in Centreville is Trinity Centre. At build-out, this mixed-use project will feature 1.2 million square feet of office space, 17 casual and sit-down restaurants, a 140-room hotel and one of the area’s largest fitness centers. Major tenants at Trinity Centre inlcude Camber Corp., Oration, SPARTA and Adaptive Methods.


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