ARC Relocation

What does your company/organization do?

ARC Relocation is a full-service employee relocation management company.  Our services include: helping sell an employee’s current residence; moving of all household goods; finding temporary housing; assisting with buying or renting a new residence; providing important information about the new location, such as schools, the community and other key aspects of setting up life in a different setting; assistance with paperwork.

When was it established?

ARC Relocation was established in 2004.

What is the origin of your company/organization name?

We first were known as "ReloConnections" and later changed it to American Relocation Connections, or ARC.

Who owns your company/organization?

ARC is a privately held company, with no parent company or affiliates.

What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office?

Fairfax County is the location from which the majority of ARC Relocation's clients are served. But we provide our services globally. In fact, half of our business is international.

When did you open your Fairfax County office?


Who are your primary customers?

Our primary customers are government agencies and corporations that have need for workforce mobility. We were initially created to serve the federal law enforcement community. We still do, providing assistance to the FBI, DEA, Secret Service and U.S. Customs and Border Protection among others. We’ve expanded to include corporate clients as well and are considered an industry leader in employee relocation management.

Has the customer base changed, or do you anticipate a change?

ARC’s customer base is constantly evolving and growing. The company is in a growth mode and has added several new clients within the last 6 months. We’ve found that our clients’ needs have expanded over the years. Our services have broadened to meet those needs.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Independence. We’re not just a way to funnel business to an affiliated moving company or real estate brokerage.

Most relocation management companies are owned by a moving company. If you work with them, you’re going to have to use their moving services. We’re independent, which means we have the advantage of being able to find the mover that meets our customers’ needs, solely based on best price and service. 

Our entire incentive is to provide top-notch service. Our clients come to us over and over again because of the experience their employees have had with us. We understand that such a stressful event requires a knowledgeable and compassionate guide throughout the length of the process. We capture this sentiment in our slogan: “We Put Relation into Relocation.”  We’re proud to say that our work has been recognized by our industry and that we’ve won several awards for our customer service, technology and partnerships.

What makes Fairfax County a good location for your business/organization?

We work with many federal agencies, as well as corporations, that have headquarters in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Fairfax is a convenient location for maintaining our close connection with these clients. 

What new products or services are you offering?

The ARC Realtor Rebate Program is a service that we offer anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home. The rebate is a non-taxable, cash-back benefit to anyone using one of our more than 80,000 in-network real estate brokers. This is an innovative program that ARC Relocation pioneered to save the consumer money when buying or selling a home.

ARC Relocation has also developed an app that lets transferees get price quotes from the top international household goods movers -- not just nationally, but internationally. We call it “ARCmoves.”  It’s much like Travelocity or, but for people who need to ship their household goods.

Where is your company/organization located?

ARC Relocation, LLC ​
11350 Random Hills Road STE 130
Fairfax, VA   22030