Citizant, Inc.

When was your company established?
The company was founded in 1999 as Cairo Corporation. The name was changed in  April 2007.

What is the origin of your company name?
The name Citizant reflects the organization’s commitment to supporting the government in serving the nation’s citizens. The company’s objective is to partner with government customers in the development of solutions that make life better in noticeable ways for the citizen.

Who owns your company?
Citizant is privately held and was co-founded by Alba M. Alemán (president) and Raymond Roberts (CEO).

What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office?
Citizant is one of the region’s fastest-growing providers of government professional technical solutions. With a focus on Enterprise Architecture, Application Development, Program Management and the emerging field of Gov 2.0, Citizant specializes in executing performance-based contracts to help government executives provide remarkable service to the citizen, improve their scorecard performance rating and leverage their regulatory and legislative compliance efforts to decrease costs and improve performance.

Who are your primary customers?
Citizant’s customer base consists of Civilian and Defense government agencies, including the Departments of Defense, Health & Human Services and Housing and Urban Development; Federal Railroad Administration; Federal Trade Commission; U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center; and U.S. Transportation Command.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
Since Citizant was founded nearly a decade ago, Raymond and Alba have established a niche in the federal government consulting market by assembling a team of outstanding professionals who deliver a personalized approach to government service.

The secrets of Citizant’s success lie in unwavering commitments to client service and employee recruitment and development. Citizant is strictly focused on successful program delivery and customer satisfaction. As a result, the company has a 100% referenceable customer base. To achieve successful customer delivery, Citizant recruits the best employees and provides the best in employee support systems.

Citizant continues to differentiate itself with the development of innovative applications like the National Housing Locator System (NHLS), a Web-based portal created for HUD to help the government quickly locate housing for citizens displaced by disasters. Using a Web 2.0 approach and rapid application development, Citizant provided the first NHLS system for less than $1 million in only a few months. Other companies urged HUD to finance a $10-15 million, multi-year project to build a comparable system.  

What are the advantages of your Fairfax County location?
Fairfax County provides a wealth of business resources that support growth and development and is in close proximity to our federal customer base. In December 2007, Citizant began operating from its new headquarters in Chantilly. The company’s new 21,295-square-foot office space is more than 50 percent larger than its previous headquarters.

Where do you see your business in five to 10 years?
Armed with 32 consecutive quarters of growth, a robust customer base and a track record of innovative results, Citizant is well positioned to continue this momentum through 2008 and beyond. Citizant anticipates that it will grow at several times the industry average rate for government contractors throughout 2008.

Citizant aims to be a leading mid-sized government contractor within 5 years, with more than $100 million in revenue.  The company’s long-term goal is to continue to grow aggressively both organically, and through acquisition as it seeks to become part of the Fortune 1000.

Where is your company located (address, phone number, Web site)?
5180 Parkstone Drive
Ste. 100
Chantilly, VA 20151