When was your company established? 
InTec was chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia in March 2004. Initial work began in January of 2005. 

What is the origin of your company name? 
The name is derived from Intelligence Technologies and refers to the capabilities the company provides to the U.S. intelligence community and Department of Defense. InTec is a systems engineering and integration company, pulling together systems, processes and tradecrafts into an integrated whole.  The company provides the expertise to support the entire project from conceptualization through requirements and design, to transition and training. We like to say our approach is “creating smarter intelligence” for our customers.

Who owns your company? 
Bruce J. Donaldson

What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office? 
InTec provides Systems Integration and Engineering, program management office support, training development and intelligence analysis.

Who are your primary customers? 
U.S. federal government agencies and the Department of Defense.

What sets you apart from your competitors?  
InTec looks at every project from 360 degrees to determine the requirements and identify the impacts on all involved. Our in-depth knowledge of our customers, combined with our engineering and integration skills, enable us to provide the best solution on time and within budget. It is a tribute to the quality and dedication of our staff that we achieved a 100% growth rate in 2008 with zero attrition.

How many employees do you have and how many do you anticipate hiring in the next 12 months?  
InTec currently has 25 employees (4 part-time). We expect to hire an additional 20-25 employees in the next 12 months.

What are the advantages of your Fairfax County location? 
We are close to all our customers as well as other major corporations and our vendors. Fairfax County has a highly educated and experienced workforce that allows us to recruit locally. The county’s many amenities encourage employees to remain in the area and with us. The area also has many excellent educational and vocational institutions, which provide our employees a chance to improve their skills and keep pace with the latest in technology.

Where do you see your business in five to 10 years?  
In five years, the goal is for InTec to be the company of choice to for large prime contractors, government agencies and employees. We envision our future selves as a well known, well respected systems integrator within the DoD and federal agencies. Ten years on, InTec is envisioned as one of the leading small to medium federal system integrators in the region, with business across the U.S. and support to forces across the globe. 

Where is your company located (address, phone number, Web site)? 
511 Park Street SE, Vienna, VA 22180. 703-255-1524,