Qore Performance

1.      What does your company/organization do?

We design, build and manufacture hydration solutions for athletes, tactical and industrial users to improve human performance.

2.      When was it established?

May 2014

3. What is the origin of your company/organization name? 

Qore is a play on the word “core” addressing the center of our bodies - our engines. The “Q” in the name represents the heat-transfer coefficient since what we do is transfer heat to and from the body to improve performance, as needed. 

4.      Who owns your company/organization?

Our company is owned by Justin Li, J.D. Willcox and an angel investor. 

5. What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office?

Research and development, sales

6.       When did you open your Fairfax County office?

October 2014

7.      Who are your primary customers?

Athletes (professional, amateur and recreational), governments and industrial users

8.      What sets you apart from your competitors?

Intellectual property that allows our users to improve their performance without a weight penalty

9.      What are the advantages of a Fairfax County location for your business/organization?

The FCEDA of course! Other advantages are proximity to government customers, hubs at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport. 

10.  What direction do you see your company/organization heading in the next five years? 

Wider distribution of our solutions into the global military and commercial markets. 

11.  Where is your company/organization located (Fairfax County address, phone number, Web site)?

Qore Performance, Inc.

7911 Westpark Drive, #2501

McLean, VA 22102