What does your company do?
ServiceSource is a leading nonprofit disability resource organization providing a wide range of customized programs for individuals, families, employers and corporate partners. In addition to providing innovative employment, training, housing and support services to individuals with disabilities, ServiceSource offers labor solutions for local businesses and government agencies. 

Through ServiceSource’s Warrior Bridge Program, the organization provides a wide range of services to wounded or injured veterans. In the last year, ServiceSource assisted hundreds of wounded and injured veterans, some of whom are directly employed by ServiceSource, and others who received assistance obtaining jobs with other community employers.  

ServiceSource also offers electronic recycling services through the “Keep IT Green” program. Keep IT Green is a self-sustaining program in which computers are dismantled for reprocessing of metals and plastics, and refurbished machines are sold to the public through EBay and ServiceSource's Community Thrift Store. The proceeds from these sales go directly into paying the wages for the individuals with disabilities who work in the program.

When was it established?
ServiceSource was founded in 1971 in Fairfax County.

What is the origin of your company name? 
The mission of ServiceSource is to deliver exceptional services to individuals with disabilities through innovative and valued employment, training, habilitation, housing and support services. We also strive to be a leading resource for individuals with disabilities and their families, which created the name ServiceSource.

Who owns your company?
ServiceSource is a nonprofit organization with five accredited regional offices and programs in nine states and the District of Columbia.

What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office? 
Through the Warrior Bridge program, ServiceSource is committed to supporting our returning heroes by directly hiring veterans, helping veterans obtain competitive employment and focusing especially on the unique needs of women veterans. The program provides employment services and support to enhance independence and improve quality of life for veterans with all disabilities, especially servicemen and women of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Through the “Keep IT Green” program, ServiceSource offers electronics collection and recycling services in Fairfax County.  Because computers contain materials that could be dangerous if left in a landfill, ServiceSource is committed to help keep these toxins out of our environment. ServiceSource receives materials from individual donations and through Fairfax County’s Electric Sunday collection events held on the final Sunday of each month at the I-95 (Lorton) or I-66 (West Ox) Transfer Stations. More than one million pounds of electronic equipment will be collected a year through this program, providing valuable full-time jobs for people with disabilities.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
ServiceSource is not just a service provider. We develop strategic partnerships with local community businesses, government entities and nonprofits to help bridge gaps for individuals with disabilities and create sustainable opportunities that benefit the entire community. 

Through the Keep IT Green program, we partner with Computers 4 Students and Fairfax County Public Schools to provide refurbished computers to low income families at a reasonable price. In addition, we encourage support from community business leaders to be involved in the Keep IT Green initiative through our Community Partners Program.

What are the advantages of a Fairfax County location for your business?  Fairfax County is a wonderful community in which individuals with disabilities can find the opportunities to succeed and thrive. In addition, ServiceSource has a long history of providing exceptional services to federal and local government agencies. Our location in Fairfax County is ideal for developing these government, community and business partnerships to create opportunities for people with disabilities. 

What direction do you see your company heading in the next five years?
In all that it does, ServiceSource is committed to supporting individuals with disabilities, their family members and other stakeholders to build stronger communities in which people with disabilities are integrated and valued. We envision continuing to create and grow sustainable opportunities that benefit the entire community and result in greater independence for citizens with disabilities.

Where is your company located (address, phone number, Web site)? 
ServiceSource Virginia Regional Office for Employment and Rehabilitation Services
6295 Edsall Rd, Suite 175
Alexandria, VA 22312.