Skyline Software Systems

What does your company/organization do?
Skyline Software Systems is a provider of enterprise software applications for network-based 3-D visualization, data fusion and dissemination.  Our SkylineGlobe software applications are targeted to customers looking to deploy their own customized virtual globe or embed 3-D visualization and analysis capabilities in applications utilizing geospatial data such as satellite/aerial imagery, location data and sensor data.

When was it established?
The company began in Israel in 1993 as a computer gaming company before creating one of the first 3-D virtual globe applications. We incorporated as Skyline Software Systems, Inc. in the U.S. in 1997.

What is the origin of your company/organization name? 
The inspiration came from an artistic, aerial photography book entitled “Skyline.”

Who owns your company/organization?
Skyline is privately held company.

What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office? 
Skyline’s office in Herndon is the worldwide headquarters location.

Who are your primary customers? 
Our primary U.S. customers are defense and intelligence agencies focused on geospatial applications.  Internationally, our customers encompass a wide range of vertical markets including public safety organizations, federal/state/local governments, public works and transportation, military, commercial companies, and oil/gas companies. The SkylineGlobe software is applicable in almost any market that needs to work with geospatial or location-based information and we export our software products to dozens of countries around the globe through partners and distributors.

What sets you apart from your competitors? 
Our flexibility both as an organization and in the development direction we chose for our software is our differentiator. Our software was developed from the outset to be a tool for enterprise customers who have their own geospatial data (aerial/satellite imagery, survey data, video feeds) and are looking for a customizable application that can be developed and deployed to fit their specific requirements.

What are the advantages of a Fairfax County location for your business/organization? 
Fairfax County gives us access to a huge pool of qualified technical talent, a wealth of potential partners and close proximity to many of our major customers.

What direction do you see your company/organization heading in the next five years?
We have seen tremendous market growth for applications that aggregate data from stove-pipe systems and make that data easy to access and understand.  Additionally, we’ve benefitted from a large push for 3D tools in the general market - not just the geospatial information systems arena. Our company has been growing every year in terms of employees, revenue and markets served and we expect that to continue, as long as we pursue our pattern of investing time and effort to keep our software current and useful to our customers.

Where is your company/organization located (address, phone number, Web site)? 
13873 Park Center Road
Suite 201
Herndon VA 20171