Strategic Thought

When was your company established?
Strategic Thought was begun in 1987 as a very technically focused e-engineering company. It has changed considerably over the years with a real emphasis now on enterprise application projects and portal solutions. Our flagship product is Active Risk Manager, the enterprise risk management application used worldwide by some of the biggest corporate names: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA, UK Ministry of Defence, Northrop Grumman and Tubelines, and Network Rail.

What is the origin of your company name?
Strategic Thought was founded in 1987 by Nick Denning who was ex-military and ex-Logica. He wanted a name with the same kind of resonance in the market place as Logica had.

Who owns your company?
Strategic Thought is public company based in the United Kingdom but with offices in Fairfax County, Virginia.

What is your main business focus?
We have two key business lines: Active Risk Manager and associated risk management services and Solutions and Integration Services business where we are an IBM Premier Business Partner specializing in mission critical systems integration projects using the IBM WebSphere® product range. Enterprise Application Projects and Enterprise Portal solutions are our business. 

Who are your primary customers?
For our risk management software our clients tend to be mid-large companies or projects within six key sectors; Defense, Space, Oil and Gas, Construction, Utilities, and Transportation.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
There are a number of factors which fall into three main areas:

  1. Product – Active Risk Manager is proven with over 5,000 users and is the most widely used web-based enterprise risk management application. It is highly configurable to ensure that it can be used across different markets to support different approaches to risk management.
  2. Technology – we have the right mix of technical skills to ensure that Active Risk Manager is designed, developed and tested to support 10-10,000 user populations. It is also flexible enough to ensure that the risk process does not need to be changed to fit the software – a novel approach!
  3. Financial stability and proven track record for the company.

Where do you see your company in five years?
Everywhere – Active Risk Manager will be used throughout the world on all manner of projects by all manner of companies. The product will also have been taken up by corporations focused on doing business better and managing operational risk and corporate governance.

What are the advantages of your Fairfax County location?

  •    Close proximity to Washington Dulles International Airport affording great accessibility to anywhere in the world.
  •    Good proximity to downtown Washington DC.
  •    Great customer and prospect base in Fairfax and surrounding area.
  •    Easy transport links up to New York.
  •    A well educated workforce pool.
  •    Affordable living.

Where is your company located (address, phone number, web site)?
US address: 12801 Worldgate Drive, Suite 500, Herndon, VA, 20170, 1 571 203 7287
UK address: The Old Town Hall, 4 Queen’s Road, London, SW19 8YA +44 208 410 4000