Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS)

What does your company do?
Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS) is an award-winning provider of operations support, information technology services, facilities management functions, and a range of enterprise-wide solutions, for federal agencies, state and local governments and commercial buyers who want the high-quality service of a top-tier company with the “high-touch” of a client-focused small business.
When was it established?
SAMS was established in 2008.
What is the origin of your company/organization name? 
The name Strategy and Management Services (SAMS) was chosen to clearly define what we do. Following a military theme is important to the company leadership.  The company founder was inspired by military acronyms to create a name that stays true to her military roots while also serving the business community.
Who owns your company/organization?
Staci L. Redmon
What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office?
The SAMS headquarters is located in Springfield. This office focuses on developing and providing innovative services and solutions to our clients, including operations and program support, technology services and facilities management.
When did you open your Fairfax County office? 
SAMS moved into our current office in Springfield in January 2013. Prior to the move, SAMS occupied an incubator space provided by the Community Business Partnership (CBP).
Who are your primary customers?
SAMS’ primary customers include federal agencies, state and local governments and commercial buyers.
Has that customer base changed and what is your outlook for the near future? 
SAMS' customer base has remained the same and we look forward to serving new customers as we continue to pursue SAMS' post-SBA 8(a) diversification strategy. Unlike other companies our size, SAMS' five-year plan is clearly articulated by our 2020 Vivid Vision for organic, steady growth. Our plan provides a forward-looking breakdown of markets served, operations, services, marketing, company culture and values, as well as a profile of SAMS' philanthropic/charitable organization known as SAMS Cares. The 2020 Vivid Vision lays out the following five-year growth objectives:
  • $50 million in revenue
  • A business mix that is 60 percent non-federal (state, local, commercial, international)
  • Occupying SAMS' own branded building, designed with employee input
  • Maturation of SAMS Cares into a community service leader
What sets you apart from your competitors?  
SAMS differentiates itself from competitors by listening to and understanding clients’ needs and then conscientiously providing solutions that show SAMS genuinely cares. SAMS is small enough to be focused on individual clients but knowledgeable and experienced enough to get the job done. SAMS’ commitment to recruiting employees who fit company and client cultures, and who are actively involved in shaping innovative solutions, has allowed us to continue to exceed clients’ expectations.
What new products or services will you be offering?
SAMS is now providing furniture to federal agencies, state and local governments and commercial buyers. This service includes space planning, technical specifications and project management.
What are the advantages of a Fairfax County location for your business?  
Fairfax County has been a great location for SAMS thanks to the support provided to local businesses through the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. SAMS has been able to participate in many events and network with other local businesses to expand our footprint and access a larger selection of qualified employees. Additionally, the proximity to the nation’s capital has given SAMS the opportunity to serve many federal, state, and local agencies.
Where is your company located?  
Strategy and Management Services (SAMS)
6225 Brandon Avenue
Suite 200
Springfield, VA  22150
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