What does your company/organization do?
Spotlight is a mobile sales app for B2B sales forces, developed by Whereoware, an award-winning digital agency located in Chantilly, Virginia. Whereoware designs and builds data-driven personalized websites, emails, and mobile applications, and increases ROI with data integrations and SEO/PPC services. Whereoware has delivered personalized user experiences that delight customers and generate huge results for our clients for more than 17 years.

When was it established?
Whereoware was established in 1999.

What is the origin of your company?
Whereoware was founded in 1999 as a marketplace for wholesale gift and home companies to sell their products to retailers (think of it as an eBbay for wholesalers to sell wares online, at a time when it was uncommon for wholesalers to have their own e-commerce websites). The name Whereoware was born from the simple question, “where are the wares?”

Who owns your company/organization?
Whereoware is privately owned.

What is the main business focus of your Fairfax County office?
Whereoware is in the digital marketing and e-commerce sector with specialties in website design and development, mobile application design and development, mobile marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and digital strategy. ...Whereoware also develops products focused on helping companies create a personalized relationship with their customers. One product, Spotlight, is a mobile B2B sales application giving reps everything they need to close sales faster: online catalogs, purchase history, product trends, and analytics-driven recommendations. Spotlight has processed over $1 billion in orders and won a 2016 DMA Innovation Award, Best B2B Mobile Application at the 2014 MobileWebAwards, and a 2015 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Smarter Commerce Solution.

When did you open your Fairfax County office?
Whereoware moved to a new headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia in 2015. The team recently completed a small office expansion for the Spotlight team. Prior to that, Whereoware was headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, also in Fairfax County.

Who are your primary customers?
Our clients are in the B2B and B2C e-commerce and Services spaces, spanning industries from gift and home, specialty retail, apparel, lighting, furniture, healthcare services, banking, sports and recreation, hospitality, technology, and more. Local clients include Ferguson Enterprises, OCI, Plow and Hearth, and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Other notable clients include IBM, Pitney Bowes, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, Yamaha, and others across industries.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
Whereoware’s mission is to help clients use data and marketing automation to initiate and maintain personal and relevant interactions with their customers. Our award-winning mobile sales app Spotlight is a great example of placing real-time data in sales reps’ hands, so their customer interactions are more personal and genuine. Spotlight helps reps create custom sales presentations, based on individual clients’ product and business needs. We integrated Spotlight with reps’ CRM and back office systems, enabling them to view every relevant interaction between the customer and business (the products they browsed online, but never ordered; the emails they opened; products they purchased last quarter; any calls to the service desk, or delivery issues). Reps can pull this wealth of information up from the parking lot of a sales meeting (with or without WiFi) and confidently walk  into the meeting speaking to that customers’ unique pain points and product interests. This access to information makes for more genuine sales conversations. This is just one of dozens of sales personalization features built into Spotlight.

What are the advantages of a Fairfax County location for your business/organization?
Fairfax County grants us access to tech-savvy, experienced professionals and a vibrant tech scene. It’s an inspiring place to be!  Transportation options are plentiful and easily accessible, and we’re also minutes from the Dulles Airport, making it easy for clients to visit us, and vice versa.

What direction do you see your company/organization heading in the next five years?
Whereoware’s mission is to help clients create and deliver personalized online experiences for their customers. We’ve pioneered personalization and won awards for our personalized emails, websites, and mobile apps for more than ten years – long before “online personalization” became a buzzword. Whereoware tripled in size over a recent five-year period. In the next five years, we will continue our growth by investing in our people, digital services, and product development. We’ll continue our mission of helping clients nurture closer relationships with their customers through relevant, contextual online experiences.

Where is your company/organization located? 

14399 Penrose Place, Suite 450
Chantilly, VA 20151