Your success story starts here

Thanks to the power of ideas, this is a great place to be successful. Just ask any of the 36,000 businesses that call this county home.

Matt Calkins, CEO, Appian:

Fairfax County is a world-class location for a software company … We know we picked a good place. There are terrific employees around here who are intelligent, motivated, dynamic, creative and innovative. This is a great place to build an innovative business. … Most of our (technical) development has been done in Virginia. So, we’re an example of what’s possible in Virginia — (an example) of the advantages this region has to offer.

Jeff Knittel, CEO, Airbus Americas:

We are truly fortunate to have been headquartered in Fairfax County for over 30 years. It’s close to government activities and we have a great educational network here. Having headquarters in Herndon has allowed us to draw some of the best and brightest from the local area. … We have great relationships with local universities like George Mason. We bring some of their students into our organization and they get a chance to experience what it’s like to work with a high level of technology.

Warren Thompson, founder and CEO, Thompson Hospitality:

Thirty years ago, I chose Fairfax County because I saw it as an area filled with young, dynamic people who were on the cutting edge of technology and on the cutting edge of the diversity that has become the American melting pot. I see this area…as just a great place to live and work and play. I think Fairfax County represents a place where ethnic diversity, economic diversity — all those things that make America strong — are at their best. This is a county where people are able to excel based more on their ability than who they know, where they’re from or what race they happen to be.

Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, senior vice president for government strategy and policy, Inmarsat Government:

Fairfax County is an ideal location for Inmarsat Government because it’s in close proximity to the United States government center of operations in Washington, D.C., and also in close proximity to our core group of partners. Additionally, for the people that work here, the county has fantastic schools, good transportation solutions and provides a great location to live as well as work.