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July 30, 2024

10-WBC Registering Your Business in VA & DC 7/30/24

10-WBC Registering Your Business in VA & DC 7/30/24

Topic: Start-up Assistance

Registering Your Business

Webinar led by an Attorney – Registering Your Business in VA & DC walks you through steps that are needed and outlines processes of becoming a legal business entity. This workshop guides you through legal entity forms, and federal, state and local registrations as our instructor explains the benefits and drawbacks of choosing from the various entity structures and how to actually start a business while also addressing intellectual property matters for business owners and other legal questions relating to contracts and legal business matters.

Join us, virtually, for this informative session! Webinar link and details provided upon registration.

This workshop is made possible by the generous contribution of time and expertise by a WBC volunteer. Please respect our volunteer’s time by logging in on time. If you are unable to attend the class, please notify us promptly.

Speaker(s): Joanna Schindler, Esq. & Tammy Hui, Esq., The Geller Law Group


To register & for more information visit www.cbponline.org

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Date & Time

July 30 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm