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July 15, 2021

Agile Innovation: How ‘Building Momentum’ Unleashes Creativity

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Agile Innovation: How ‘Building Momentum’ Unleashes Creativity


The Catalyst for Change Series explores how business leaders use moments of disruption to change the course of their companies to accelerate growth, expand services, meet new needs, and re-design the way toward a brighter future. Catalyst for Change is organized by the NOVA Economic Development Alliance (NOVA EDA).

Innovation requires the right mix of creativity, boldness, new approaches, diverse views and an eagerness to do better.  Bringing this mix together requires a place and process to experiment and share, that’s where Building Momentum comes in.

Building Momentum in Alexandria, Virginia is designed to solve problems and create needed change to improve the technologies, products and services of its members.  Through its diverse training, R&D initiatives, corporate team building, and youth camps, BuildMo is a crucible of innovation.

Warfighters, corporate leaders, community organizations and young people all gather at BuildMo to experiment in its supportive environment. In its Garden new ideas spring forth.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What are the building blocks to innovation?
  • How can you learn to think differently?
  • Who else should you include to solve a problem anew?
  • How to create a safe space to innovate?
  • How to adopt technologies from other industries?
  • What is the role of failure in success?
  • How do diversity and inclusion lead to creativity?



Brad Halsey, CEO & Co-founder, Building Momentum

Capt. Ben Van Buskirk, USN, Director, NavalX

Jerry Sanford, Vice President, Business Development, Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP)

Who Should attend: Innovators, Business Executives, Managers, Product Developers, Start-ups

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July 15, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm