Business Education Series: Develop and Execute Your 7-Step Marketing Plan

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

As a follow-up to our kick-off Strategic Planning workshop earlier this month, we are excited to announce the next step in your business growth and development - The 7 Step Marketing Plan!

The Holy Grail of Marketing comes down to 3 things: Marketing to the right people with the right solution at the right time.Unfortunately, most businesses fail to accomplish any or all of these critical steps, resulting in wasted time, effort and, most of all, money.
Now, imagine knowing exactly who you're marketing to (ideal client) with what solution (problem you solve) and having clarity on the outcome that you want (purpose) in a way that drives your business forward?!
What You Will 'Walk Away' with:
Understanding the fundamentals of Marketing Strategy for Small Business
How to develop your 7 Step Marketing Plan (that fits on 1 page!)
How to outline your marketing 'weapons of choice' and when to use them
A worksheet to help you understand the Who, What, When and How that will attract your ideal clients.
As with all BES workshops, it is about action!  We give you ideas and tools that you can implement in your business right after you leave the building.....and this is no exception!
James Lawson and Angela Inzerillo of Impact Business Solutions, Inc. specialty are helping small business owners become successful through systemized marketing. They focus on how to immediately generate more leads, attract better clients, increase profits and build the type of business most business owners only dream of.  Join us for an interactive and productive session! 
Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce
$15 for non-members
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