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May 5, 2021

GovCon Ready – Spring Session

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GovCon Ready – Spring Session


Are you ready to compete and win government contracts? GovCon Ready is a series of events designed to deliver what you need to know – and DO – to win government contracts.


Karla Williams, GovCon Academy, 1PM

Where are you in your GovCon Journey?

Even successful companies spend too much time bouncing between the reactive and proactive phase of their journey. As a result, these companies lose money and miss out on opportunities that others, who follow proven repeatable processes, take advantage of. Explore what you can do to develop your own repeatable process based on the needs of your best prospects.

About Karla

For over 30 years, Karla Williams has worked with businesses, large and small to help them win government contracts. Her approach is based on a foundation of understanding the rules and the process that happens before the actual competition. As a result, her clients not only win more contracts but they also know how to grow their business with their existing clients. She specializes in strategy and proposal management.

Jim Sherwood, Federal Compass, 1:30 PM

Where are your customers going?

That is a vital question as we witness a sea change in the procurement strategies within multiple FedCon markets. A proactive and thorough self-assessment of accounts is critical, avoid reacting to realities and finding key customers out of reach. Start reviewing your account plans today and if your team can’t answer how your customers are buying your services, you need to quickly resolve that knowledge gap.

About Jim

Jim has over 15 years of experience building and delivering market intelligence solutions for federal contractors. He joined INPUT in 2004, where he was responsible for managing and modernizing their federal market intelligence products. Jim later worked for Wolf Den Associates, where he managed a strategic-focused market intelligence consulting practice. Jim’s experience with both subscription products and consulting engagements has given him unique insights into the complex and dynamic needs that exist in this market

Judy Bradt, Summit Insight, 2:05 PM

Did you know? Before you win the work, you’ve got to “win” your meeting!

What does it take to get your Federal buyer’s attention, and get on their calendar? And once your meeting is booked, WHAT THEN? Judy will discuss the concept of micro-wins, the two types of wins you need to create with your buyers, and provide you with the three GovCon checklists you’ll use to get you from takeoff to landing, so your business can soar.

About Judy

For over 33 years, she’s been an expert in federal contracting. As consultant, speaker, and author, she’s helped thousands of businesses, from solo-preneurs to multimillion-dollar corporations find their fast track to success in the federal arena.Her latest book, Government Contracts Made Easier (Second Edition) – is an Amazon #1 bestseller, and the companion workbook has just been published there, too!

Jennifer Schaus, Jennifer Schaus and Associates, 2:40 PM

You’ve Won A Federal Supply Schedule – Now What?

Jennifer Schaus will discuss the in’s and out’s of Federal Supply Schedules, why they are used, how they can be leveraged, best practices and common pitfalls to avoid. Schedules can be an asset or a liability to a firm – and should be leveraged to limit competition and build strategic relationships. Learn HOW in this lively session.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Schaus heads up J Schaus & Associates a Washington DC firm focused on helping vendors get onto the GSA Schedule as well as perform post award compliance, renewals, modifications, and audits. Jennifer and her team also provide a la carte services for contractors including proposal writing, pricing, capture and business development related services for established revenue-generating contractors in the product, service and software sectors.


Jennifer Andos, Paperfish Creative, 3:15 PM

First Impressions are Everything: Getting Past the Gatekeeper

The first step towards winning a contract is getting past the gatekeeper, and if you don’t even LOOK like a capable company, why would they move you up the food chain? Jennifer Andos will discuss places where a good first impression has helped companies win the business they wanted.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Andos, Owner of Paperfish Creative “escaped” the agency world 20 years ago. Her experience with Fortune 100 brands includes Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Kellogg’s shaped how she works with companies‘ branding, and she now brings this strategic brand knowledge to the non-profit and technology sectors.

Closing Remarks, Karla Williams, 3:50 PM

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May 5, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm