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January 7, 2021

Senseware: Detecting Covid-19, Protecting the Public

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Senseware: Detecting Covid-19, Protecting the Public


Though this winter will be dark and scary as we face the realities of Covid-19, vaccines and new technologies are here to fight back.

Getting back to work in offices, stores, restaurants, and factories around the country will depend on creating a safe and trusted environment so workers can feel confident they are protected. Science, technology, and business are coming together to create such a place with new protocols, social distancing, and cleaner air; combining high quality air filtration and real-time monitoring technologies that deliver the safest workplace possible.

Senseware took the lead by adapting its air quality monitoring platform to meet the urgency caused by Covid-19. Working with its HVAC equipment partners, building owners and corporate clients, Senseware serves as an Instant Alert System to prevent the Covid-19 virus from entering the workplace, and sounding alerts for immediate action to ensure a safe return to work.

When will it be safe to go back to work? How will we know it is safe? What are the systems needed to ensure our safety? What’s our part in staying safe?

Topics Discussed:

  • What will the new workplace look like?
  • What are the new steps I need to take to stay safe?
  • What is healthy air indoors, and how is it created?
  • Which players need to come together to build a safe environment?
  • What must a business owner or building owner do to ensure a safe environment?
  • How will workers know it’s safe, and what happens if it’s not?
  • Which changes will be permanent, which will be temporary?

Panelists Include:

Who should attend: Business owners and leaders looking to turn adversity into an ally.

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January 7, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm