What to Do When You Hate Cold Calling

Friday, July 21, 2017
7:15 AM - 10:00 AM

She’s back! The IES is pleased to bring prospecting expert extraordinaire Kendra Lee back to our main stage for what promises to be an exhilarating and informative session on prospecting. IES prospecting programs, even those in the heat of summer, bring in the biggest crowds….because you can’t stop searching for new business.

It has never been more difficult to reach sales prospects.

Busier than ever before, prospects don’t have time to listen to a “sales pitch” – leading to lackluster sales call metrics, the struggle to meet appointment setting goals, and constant fret over dry sales pipelines.

Data shows that it can take as many as 9 attempts to gain access to your sales prospect. Depressing? We have good news!

When your prospecting time is jammed, but the sales pipeline isn’t, it’s time to switch up your approach. Kendra will share multiple marketing strategies (yup, marketing strategies!) that you can use as a sales rep to widen your net and reach more prospects. Mix up your prospecting and fill your pipeline!

Among the things you may learn are:

  • How to effectively execute a mix of sales prospecting strategies – cold calling, email and social media prospecting – to break through to your busy, stressed, avoidance-prone prospects
  • Master the art of initiating memorable discussions that close appointments to get more customers
  • Develop strategies to handle stubborn gatekeepers and tough objections
  • Overcome the dread of sales prospecting, approaching it with confidence and enthusiasm because of the immediate results you achieve


Kendra Lee has built a successful career as a top seller by consistently exceeding sales goals. She is a prospect attraction authority, sales expert, speaker, author and a business owner who knows how to shorten time to revenue in innovative ways.

After starting her sales career in accounting with IBM, Kendra founded KLA Group on the philosophy that sales is not an art; it can be learned.

Her company mission? To consult, train, guide and “do it for you” so you too can beat the odds in revenue generation.

Kendra’s passion is new business revenue generation: in gaining new clients through sales prospecting and lead generation, in growing existing client accounts, market expansion, competitive differentiation, and value creation. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, national sales meetings, association and industry events.

Kendra and her husband Bill have three sons and they make their home in Colorado. It’s the perfect place for her because Kendra is an avid skier and loves every year when the snow finally comes to the mountains!

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