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March 1, 2022

Winning and Sustaining Business with the U.S. Federal Market

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Winning and Sustaining Business with the U.S. Federal Market


The U.S. Government market comprises of nearly 90,000 separate governmental entities: 3,034 Counties; 19,429 Municipalities; 16,504 Townships; 35,052 Special District Governments; 13,506 School Districts; 512 Native American Nations; 50 States; a District of Columbia; six U.S. Territories; and one huge Federal Government that spend $3.5 trillion annually on people, staffing, programs, projects, products, services and solutions … More than 780,000 Federal Contractors are registered to chase those many dollars … Make sure your company’s “chase” is on the correct course and speed.

Session #1 (3/1): Targeting and Engaging Federal Customers

  • Overview of U.S. Federal Government Market and Commonwealth of Virginia Markets; the latter including the state’s four-year public universities and two-year community colleges.
  • Tips for Surviving and Thriving / Strategy, Gap Analysis and Gap Remediation:
    • Strategy and Infrastructure
    • Go to Market Planning and Execution
    • Pipeline Development, Management and Measurement
    • Opportunity Pursuit and Capture

Session #2 (3/8): Best Practice Go-to-Market Planning and Execution

  • Identifying Business Problem / Opportunity
  • Situational Analysis (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats)
  • Solution Offering (Products / Services)
  • Target Market (Industry / Segment), Knowledge and Dynamics
  • Competitive Environment
  • Positioning
  • Launch Marketing Strategies
  • Launch Goals and Metrics / Demand Projections

Session #3 (3/15): Business Development, Capture Strategy and Proposal Response

  • Market Knowledge
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Lead Qualification Process
  • “Go / No Go” Process
  • Balanced Pipeline Development Process
  • Capture Strategy Process
  • Proposal Response Process
  • Lessons Learned Process

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March 1 @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Virginia PTAC