2009 Business Announcements

The FCEDA assists hundreds of companies with expansion or relocation needs during the year adding thousands of new jobs to the economy. In 2009, the FCEDA worked with 123 companies that said they have added or will add 5,056 jobs to the Fairfax County economy. The following table is a selected list of those companies making job announcments in 2009.

A-C| D-J | K-R | S-Z


Company Web Site Location Jobs Type
Adaptive Methods, Inc. www.adaptive
Centreville 15 Expansion
Administaff www.administaff.com/
McLean 4 Expansion
Adobe Systems, Inc. www.adobe.com McLean 6 Expansion
Aerotek www.aerotek.com Fairfax Center/Oakton 7 Expansion
AFCEA International www.afcea.org Fairfax 3 Expansion
AFrame Digital LLC www.aframedigital.com Merrifield 9 Expansion
Agilex Technologies www.agilex.com Chantilly 85 Expansion
Alakai, Llc www.alakaillc.com Tysons Corner 50 Expansion
Alarm.com www.alarm.com Tysons Corner 15 Expansion
Alexandria Chevy www.alexandria
Alexandria 105 Expansion
Altum www.altum.com Reston 13 Expansion
Altum www.altum.com Reston 20 Expansion
American Systems www.american
Chantilly 100 Expansion
AOC Key Solutions www.aockeysolutions.
Chantilly 6 Expansion
ARTEL, Inc. www.artelinc.com Reston 50 Expansion
At&T Government Solutions www.corp.att.com/gov Tysons Corner 95 Expansion
Babylon America (Israel) www.babylonamerica.
Reston 1 New
Best Foods, Inc. (China) n/a Springfield 20  N
Braintech www.braintech.com McLean 6 New
C.N. Robinson Lighting Supply www.cnrlight.com Herndon 5 New
C4i (Australia)   Reston 5 New
Caci, Inc. www.caci.com Fairfax Center/Oakton 218 Expansion
Camero, Ltd (Israel) www.camero-usa.com Chantilly 1 Expansion
Captech Ventures www.captechventures.
Herndon 25 Expansion
Carahsoft Technology Corp. www.carahsoft.com Reston 25 Expansion
Cbeyond, Inc. www.cbeyond.net Reston 89 New
Centrifuge Systems www.centrifuge
Tysons Corner 10 Expansion
Cernium Corporation www.cernium.com Reston 20 Expansion
CFN Services www.cfnservices.com Herndon 8 Expansion
Cherry, Bekaert & Holland www.cbh.com Vienna 20 Expansion
Cheshil Consultants, Inc. www.ccione.com Springfield/Franconia 22 Expansion
Clever Systems, Inc. www.cleversysinc.com Reston 2 Expansion
Cogent Systems www.cogentsystems.
Reston 12 Expansion
Computrad USA (Great Britain) www.computrad.co.uk McLean 3 New
COMTEK www.comtek.com Chantilly 12 Expansion
Consult2Comply (Great Britain) www.consult2comply.
Herndon 6 New
Counter Intelligence, Inc. www.countintel.com Springfield 17 New
Creative Information Technology, Inc. www.citi-us.com Tysons Corner 15 Expansion
CRGT, Inc. www.crgt.com Tysons Corner 30 Expansion
Criterion Systems www.criterion-sys.com Tysons Corner 20 Expansion



Company Web Site Location Jobs Type
DCS Corporation www.dcscorp.com Alexandria 126 New
Digital Sandbox www.dsbox.com Tysons Corner 20 Expansion
Dub Me Now www.dubmenow.com Tysons Corner 7 Expansion
Electronic Consulting Services www.ecs-federal.com Merrifield 20 Expansion
Entourage Systems, Inc. www.entouragesys.com Tysons Corner 30 Expansion
Federated IT www.federatedit.com Tysons Corner 16 Expansion
Fedmatch Strategies, Llc. www.fedmatch.com Tysons Corner 3 New
Financial Engineering Counselors, Ltd. www.financialengineering
Falls Church 1 New
First Virginia Community Bank www.firstvirginia
Fairfax 21 New
FlexPoint Tehcnology, LLC www.flexpointtech.com/
Reston 17 Expansion
Furnace MFG www.furnacecd.com Fairfaxc 8 Expansion
Gannon Technologies www.gannontech.com Tysons Corner 11  
Gap Solutions, Inc. (Gapsi) www.gapsi.com Reston 232 Expansion
Ginia Group (Korea) www.giniagroup.com Alexandria 2 New
Global Telecom And Technology www.gt-t.net Tysons Corner 8 Expansion
Green Brilliance www.greenbrilliance.com Herndon 10 Expansion
GTSI www.gtsi.com Herndon 32 Expansion
Guident www.guident.com Herndon 80 Expansion
Habitat For Humanity www.habitatnova.org Chantilly 4 Expansion
Hilton Hotels Corporation www.hiltonworldwide.com Tysons Corner 300 New
Hinge www.pivotalbrands.com Reston 6 Expansion
HopOne Internet Corporation www.hopone.net Springfield/Franconia 10 Expansion
Hyundai Express n/a Lorton 2 New
India International School www.indiaschool.org Chantilly 3 Expansion
Inova Health Systems www.inova.com Falls Church 206 Expansion
InTec, LLC. www.intecllc.net Vienna 16 Expansion
Integral Systems, Inc. www.integ.com Chantilly 12 New
INTEGRITYOne Partners www.ionep.com Reston 35 Expansion
IP Korea Center Inc. (Korea) n/a Vienna 4 New
Johnston McLamb www.johnstonmclamb.
Chantilly 20 Expansion



Company Web Site Location Jobs Type
Latista Technologies, Inc. www.latista.com Reston 10 Expansion
Logistics Management Institute (LMI) www.lmi.org Tysons Corner 110 Expansion
Long and Foster Insurance Agency, Inc. www.longandfoster.com Chantilly 14 Expansion
Lorenz Research Associates www.lorenzresearch.com Herndon 5 Expansion
MAA (Mian Adam & Associates) www.mianadam.com Herndon 5 New
Magal-Senstar (Israel) www.magalsenstarinc.
Herndon 2 Expansion
Meridian Imaging Solutions www.meridian-imaging.com Springfield/Franconia 90 New
Meridian One Corporation www.meridianone.com Springfield/Franconia 38 New
Merrill Advisory Group www.merrilladvisory.com Tysons Corner 5 New
Metaformers, Inc. www.metaformers.com Tysons Corner 50 Expansion
Metrostar Systems, Inc. www.metrostar
Reston 20 Expansion
Near Infinity Corp. www.nearinfinity.com Reston 10 Expansion
NeIn (Korea) N/A Tysons Corner 1 New
Netstar 1 www.netstar-1.com Bailey’s Crossroads 10 Expansion
Network Solutions www.networksolutions.
Herndon 30 Expansion
OneVoice Communications www.ovctelecom.com Herndon 2 Expansion
Pace Harmon www.paceharmon.com Tysons Corner 14 Expansion
Packet360 www.packet360.com Herndon 15 New
Platinum Solutions www.platinum
Reston 50 Expansion
Coopers, LLC
www.pwc.com Tysons Corner 200 Expansion
Raysat Mobile Antennas (Israel) www.raysat.com Tysons Corner 5 Expansion
Rightstar Systems www.rightstar
Vienna 4 Expansion
Rivermine Software, Inc. www.rivermine.com Fairfax 12 Expansion



Company Web Site Location Jobs Type
Sage Communications www.aboutsage.com Vienna 8 Expansion
SAIC, Inc. www.saic.com Tysons Corner 1,200 Expansion
Schischek Gmbh (Germany) www.schischek.com Chantilly 5 New
SENSA Solutions www.sensasolutions.com Reston 12 Expansion
Simplexity www.simplexity.com Reston 40 Expansion
Skyline Software Systems, Inc. (Israel) www.skylinesoft.com Chantilly 3 Expansion
Spacenet, Inc. (Israel) www.spacenet.com Mclean 4 Expansion
SPADAC, Inc. www.spadac.com Tysons Corner 20 Expansion
Speakeasy www.speakeasy.net Tysons Corner 50 New
Suntiva Executive Consulting www.suntiva.com Tysons Corner 25 Expansion
TACTIC DC (Turkey) n/a McLean 1 New
Tangible www.tangiblesoftware.com Mclean 40 Expansion
TATA Communications (India) www.tatacommunications.
Herndon 15 Expansion
Technical Communities, Inc. www.technical
Herndon 10 New
TechTeam Government Solutions www.techteamgovt.com Chantilly 42  
Telekom Malaysia (Malaysia) www.tm.com.my Tysons Corner 9 New
TEOCO www.teoco.com Fairfax 10 Expansion
Tercon Consulting www.tercon.com Tysons Corner 5 New
The Praemittias Group www.praemittias.com Newington/Lorton 27 Expansion
The Signature Group www.tsginc.biz Tysons Corner 6 Expansion
The Tauri Group www.taurigroup.com Alexandria 83 Expansion
Three Pillar Software www.threepillarsoftware.
Fairfax 32 Expansion
Trade Privacy, LLC www.tradepricvacy.com Reston 24 New
Visual CV www.visualcv.com Reston 16 Expansion
VSE Corporation www.vsecorp.com/ Alexandria 100 Expansion
Whitney, Bradley and Brown, Inc. www.wbbinc.com Reston 62 Expansion
Yoko Consulting www.yokoconsulting.com Tysons Corner 3 New
Zillion Technologies www.zilliontechnologies.
Tysons Corner 25 Expansion
Zylab North America (Netherlands) www.zylab.com McLean 5 Expansion