2011 Business Announcements

The FCEDA assists hundreds of companies with expansion or relocation needs during the year adding thousands of new jobs to the economy. In 2011, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) worked with 164 companies, adding 9,077 jobs to the Fairfax County economy. Companies in the professional services and information technology sectors dominated 2011 announcements. Here is a list of selected companies that worked with the FCEDA during the year.

Company Postal Address Jobs New or Expansion
ACS, a Xerox Company Fairfax 15 Expansion
Active Edge Techs LLC Reston 10 Expansion
Aerotek Fairfax 967 Expansion
Air Liquide (France) Lorton 11 New
Alarm.com Tysons Corner 15 Expansion
ALEX - Alternative Experts, LLC Chantilly 10 Expansion
AMERICAN SYSTEMS Corporation Chantilly 75 Expansion
American Technology Services Inc. Merrifield 9 Expansion
Ames & Gough Tysons Corner 2 Expansion
AppAssure Software, Inc. Reston 150 Expansion
Apogee Integration LLC Chantilly 20 Expansion
ARG Tysons Corner 5 Expansion
ARTEL, Inc. Reston 6 Expansion
Ascom Network Testing (Switzerland) Reston 20 Expansion
ASM Research Inc. Fairfax 49 Expansion
Audio Video Systems, Inc. Chantilly 35 Expansion
Bechtel Corporation Reston 625 New
Bella Solutions, Inc. Reston 6 Expansion
Beyond Security (Israel) Tysons Corner 2 Expansion
BlueAlly (India) Tysons Corner 25 New
BlueAlly (India) Tysons Corner 60 Expansion
Bode Technology Lorton 26 Expansion
Brazen Careerist Tysons Corner 10 Expansion
CACI International Inc Fairfax 202 Expansion
CC Pace Systems, Inc. Fairfax 15 Expansion
Camgian Microsystems, Inc. Herndon 3 New
Capital Legal Solutions, LLC Fairfax 73 New
Carousel Industries of North America, Inc. Reston 4 New
Carr Workplaces Tysons Corner 5 Expansion
Centurum, Inc. Reston 10 Expansion
Circle Solutions, Inc. Tysons Corner 13 Expansion
Citibank Tysons Corner 10 New
Cleared Solutions Tysons Corner 10 Expansion
Composite Software Inc. Reston 3 Expansion
Comter Systems Inc. Fairfax 12 Expansion
Confiance Group Reston 3 Expansion
Core BTS, Inc. Fairfax 4 Expansion
Core BTS, Inc. Merrifield 4 Expansion
Digital Signal Corporation Chantilly 40 Expansion
Electronic Consulting Services (ECS) Merrifield 35 Expansion
ENEXDI, llc Tysons Corner 2 Expansion
Environmental & Power Services, Inc (EPS) Springfield 2 Expansion
Evolve Technologies Fairfax 4 Expansion
Fairfield Technologies Inc. Chantilly 15 Expansion
Farmers Insurance Group Reston 33 New
Fibertek Inc. Herndon 16 Expansion
First Virginia Community Bank Fairfax 15 Expansion
FOX Architects, LLC Tysons Corner 14 Expansion
Frimeco Produktions GmbH (Austria) Tysons Corner 2 New
Gilfus Education Group LLC Reston 30 New
Govplace Reston 12 Expansion
Grintex India Limited (India) Tysons Corner 5 Expansion
Harmony Technology, Inc. Herndon 15 Expansion
HCL Technologies Limited (India) Tysons Corner 10 Expansion
Hilton Worldwide Tysons Corner 100 New
Hinge Reston 4 Expansion
HITT Contracting Inc. Falls Church 40 Expansion
Hotbed Technologies Tysons Corner 15 Expansion
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (China) Reston 8 Expansion
Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd. (China) Reston 15 New
iCore, Inc. Tysons Corner 66 Expansion
iFanXP Reston 6 New
immixGroup, Inc. Tysons Corner 37 Expansion
Indecomm Global Services (India) Herndon 5 Expansion
InfinityQS International, Inc. Chantilly 10 Expansion
Information Experts, Inc. Reston 10 Expansion
INTEGRITYOne Partners, Inc. Reston 34 Expansion
Intelligent Office Reston 1 Expansion
Invertix Corporation Tysons Corner 106 Expansion
IrisGuard Inc. (Jordan) Tysons Corner 1 Expansion
ITT Exelis Tysons Corner 70 Expansion
Javlin Data Solutions (Czech Republic) Tysons Corner 8 Expansion
Jefferson Apartment Group Tysons Corner 2 Expansion
Kachadorian Consulting, LLC Reston 1 New
Keynetik (Israel) Tysons Corner 3 New
Knowledge Consulting Group Reston 30 Expansion
Kootio Reston 7 New
Kumon North America, Inc. (Japan) Tysons Corner 16 Expansion
LanTech Tysons Corner 10 Expansion
Laserfiche Tysons Corner 8 New
LastPass Vienna 6 Expansion
Leeds Novamark Capital Tysons Corner 4 New
ManTech International Corporation Fairfax 64 Expansion
ManTech Networks (Israel) Tysons Corner 3 Expansion
MaxID Corp. Merrifield 17 New
MAXIMUS Tysons Corner 90 Expansion
MicroLink, LLC Tysons Corner 45 Expansion
Mobile Access, Inc. (Israel) Tysons Corner 25 Expansion
Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI) Springfield/ Franconia 25 Expansion
Modus Create Tysons Corner 20 New
Mr. Energy LLC Fairfax 1 New
Neebula Systems Inc. (Israel) Reston 1 New
NeoSystems Corporation Tysons Corner 37 Expansion
NET100, Ltd. Chantilly 20 Expansion
Netbiscuits, GmbH (Germany) Reston 25 Expansion
NetWitness Corporation Reston 50 Expansion
Nimbus Exchange, Inc. Reston 8 New
NJVC Tysons Corner 250 Expansion
Novel Applications of Vital Information, Inc. Tysons Corner 60 Expansion
Oceus Networks Reston 40 New
OpfinITy Springfield/ Franconia 3 Expansion
Paradise Springs Winery Clifton 15 New
PC Recycler, Inc Chantilly 7 Expansion
Perfect Sense Digital, LLC Reston 30 Expansion
PG Environmental, LLC Herndon 4 Expansion
PingTone Communications, Inc. Herndon 10 Expansion
PPS (Korea) Tysons Corner 1 New
Primatics Financial Tysons Corner 75 Expansion
Privia LLC Herndon 3 Expansion
Project Solutions Group (PSG) Chantilly 4 Expansion
RadiantBlue Technologies Chantilly 24 Expansion
RaySat (Israel) Tysons Corner 13 Expansion
Responsible Outgoing College Students (ROCS, Inc.) Fairfax 10 New
River Star Strategic & Financial Professional Group Fairfax 7 New
Rhythmic Technologies Herndon 1 Expansion
RyanSharkey, LLP Reston 6 Expansion
Safety Technologies, Inc. Fairfax 15 Expansion
Salient Federal Solutions Fairfax 125 New
Salsa Labs Reston 26 New
SBN Tech (Korea) Tysons Corner 1 New
Search Technologies Corp. Herndon 4 Expansion
Secure Mission Solutions Fairfax 50 New
Securitas AB (Sweden) Annandale 35 Expansion
ServHawk LLC Tysons Corner 3 New
Sevatec, Inc. Falls Church 70 Expansion
The Next Move (UK) Reston 6 Expansion
The Signature Group (TSG) Tysons Corner 15 Expansion
Soft Scribe (India) Vienna 1 Expansion
Spacenet, Inc. (Israel) Tysons Corner 7 Expansion
Tata Communications Ltd. (India) Herndon 7 Expansion
TCAssociates, Inc. Springfield/ Franconia 100 Expansion
TEOCO Fairfax 10 Expansion
Terra Pixel, LLC (Israel) Reston 2 Expansion
Terra Pixel, LLC (Israel) Reston 2 Expansion
Three Pillar Global Fairfax 25 Expansion
TrafficLand Fairfax 3 Expansion
Triton Security Fairfax 15 Expansion
Triway International Group (China) Falls Church 2 Expansion
Troopswap.com Tysons Corner 15 New
Trusted Concepts Chantilly 12 Expansion
tw telecom Tysons Corner 25 Expansion
u-blox AG (Switzerland) Reston 3 Expansion
VisionFoundry, Inc. Tysons Corner 9 Expansion
Wireless Matrix Inc. Herndon 17 Expansion
Witt Mares, PLC Fairfax 4 New
Won ST US (Korea) Tysons Corner 1 New
Xceed Technologies Reston 9 Expansion
XO Communications, LLC Herndon 80 Expansion
Yoko Consulting Tysons Corner 2 Expansion