2012 Business Announcements

The FCEDA assists hundreds of companies with expansion or relocation needs during the year adding thousands of new jobs to the economy. In 2012, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) worked with 186 companies, adding 8,438 jobs to the Fairfax County economy. Companies in the professional services and information technology sectors dominated 2012 announcements. Here is a list of selected companies that worked with the FCEDA during the year.




New or Expansion

1105 Media, Inc. Tysons Corner 7 Expansion
3Phoenix, Inc. Chantilly 15 Expansion
Acentia Falls Church 60 New
AdJuggler Alexandria 10 Expansion
Alliance Structural Engineers, Inc. Reston 7 Expansion
AMEC (U.K.) Chantilly 50 10 Expansion; 40 New
American Technology Services Inc. Fairfax 10 Expansion
ARG Tysons Corner 4 Expansion
ASCOM Network Testing Inc. (Switzerland) Reston 11 Expansion
ASM Research, Inc. Fairfax 64 Expansion
Ask Medic, Ltd. (Israel) Reston 1 New
Associated Design Lorton 3 Expansion
Astute Technology Reston 4 Expansion
AutoDocs, LLC Tysons Corner 5 Expansion
Berenzweig Leonard LLP Tysons Corner 4 Expansion
Black Box Network Services Herndon 20 Expansion
BlueAlly (India) Tysons Corner 35 Expansion
The Borenstein Group Fairfax 4 Expansion
Bulletin News, LLC Reston 11 Expansion
Business Engineering, Inc. Reston 5 Expansion
C2 Technologies, Inc. Tysons Corner 30 Expansion
CACI International Inc Fairfax 221 Expansion
Carahsoft Technology Corp. Reston 109 Expansion
Cheshill Consultants, Inc. (CCI) Springfield 20 Expansion
China Unicom Americas (China) Herndon 18 New
Centurion Research Solutions Chantilly 17 Expansion
Cernium Corporation Reston 7 Expansion
CFN Services Reston 3 Expansion
Clarity Solution Group Reston 11 New
Clearsight Advisors, Inc. Tysons Corner 8 New
Commtouch Inc. (Israel) Tysons Corner 10 New
Corning Incorporated (Israel) Tysons Corner 6 Expansion
CR Software Fairfax 45 Expansion
CST Group, CPAs, PC Reston 4 Expansion
Cybermedia Technologies Inc. Reston 35 Expansion
Data Matrix Solutions (DMS) Herndon 18 Expansion
Davis-Paige Management Systems, LLC (DPMS) Annandale 70 Expansion
Deltek, Inc. Herndon 99 Expansion
Digital Documents, LLC Tysons Corner 5 Expansion
Dispersive Solutions, Inc. Chantilly 11 New
DLT Solutions Herndon 32 Expansion
DISYS Tysons Corner 150 Expansion
DNC Corp Alexandria 10 Expansion
Earthcare Technologies, Inc. Springfield 3 Expansion
EcomNets, Inc. Herndon 25 Expansion
eHunus, Inc. (Korea) Tysons Corner 1 New
Electronic Consulting Services Inc. (ECS) Fairfax 100 Expansion
Elzly Technology Corporation Reston 3 Expansion
Emergent Tysons Corner 22 Expansion
Engility Corporation Chantilly 50 New
Excivity, Inc. Chantilly 15 New
Exostar LLC Herndon 40 Expansion
Factdelta (U.K.) Reston 2 New
First Line Technology, LLC Chantilly 2 Expansion
First Virginia Community Bank Fairfax 12 Expansion
Fulcrum IT Services, LLC Centreville 80 New
FullCircle Geosocial Network, Inc. Herndon 20 Expansion
Furnace MFG Fairfax 1 Expansion
Fox, Joss & Yankee, LLC Reston 4 Expansion
G2SF, INC. Reston 27 Expansion
Gaffey & Associates, PLC Reston 4 Expansion
GAP Solutions Inc. Reston 15 Expansion
Geopay, Inc. Reston 6 Expansion
Global OLED Technology LLC (Korea) Herndon 9 9 Expansion; 1 New
Gotham Government Solutions, LLC Reston 5 Expansion
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Tysons Corner 35 New
Headstrong Corporation  (India) Reston 19 Expansion
H.C. Park & Associates, PLC (Korea) Tysons Corner 11 Expansion
Hercules Technology Growth Capital Tysons Corner 2 New
Hoppmann Audio Visual Chantilly 6 Expansion
Human Touch, LLC Tysons Corner 70 Expansion
HydroGeoLogic, Inc. Reston 9 Expansion
iCORE, Inc. Tysons Corner 40 Expansion
immixGroup, Inc. Tysons Corner 130 Expansion
Inceptre Corporation Reston 17 Expansion
InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc. Herndon 20 New
IN Communications Fairfax 2 Expansion
Indecomm Global Services (India) Herndon 10 Expansion
Intelsat (Luxembourg) Tysons Corner 432 New
Internet Society Reston 8 Expansion
ITPG, Inc. Tysons Corner 7 Expansion
J.ONE Co., Ltd (Korea) Tysons Corner 1 New
John Marshall Bank Reston 10 Expansion
Kaiser Permanente Tysons Corner 146 Expansion
Kaztronix, LLC Tysons Corner 57 Expansion
Knexus Research Corporation Springfield 2 Expansion
Language on Demand, Inc. Fairfax 4 Expansion
LastPass.com Fairfax 5 Expansion
LeapFrog Solutions, Inc. Fairfax 4 Expansion
LinQuest Corporation Chantilly 20 Expansion
The Marbury Law Group Reston 10 New
MATE Intelligent Video, Inc. USA (Israel) Reston 1 Expansion
Michael & Son Services Inc. Alexandria 203 Expansion
Micronic Technologies Herndon 3 New
MobileAccess, Inc. (Israel) Tysons Corner 15 Expansion
Modern Image Tysons Corner 4 Expansion
Moreover Technologies, Inc. Reston 3 Expansion
Navy Federal Credit Union Vienna 138 Expansion
Near Infinity Reston 18 Expansion
NeoSystems Tysons Corner 20 Expansion
NewCoIT Corporation Reston 10 Expansion
Software Technologies Limited (India) Tysons Corner 40 Expansion
NJVC Chantilly 107 Expansion
NMR Consulting Chantilly 120 New
NuWave Solutions, LLC Tysons Corner 10 Expansion
Odin, Feldman & Pittleman, P.C. Reston 5 Expansion
Off Peak Training Reston 4 Expansion
OMNIPLEX World Services Corporation Chantilly 325 Expansion
Onyx Government Services, Inc. Fairfax 25 Expansion
The Peter Lawrence Companies Reston 2 Expansion
PIXIA Corp. Reston 75 New
Play Today DC Tysons Corner 12 Expansion
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company Springfield 45 New
Pulse Communications, Inc. Herndon 2 Expansion
Quest Insurance Chantilly 5 Expansion
Questa Source, LLC Herndon 40 Expansion
Resolvit, LLC Tysons Corner 66 Expansion
Resonate Networks, Inc. Reston 55 Expansion
Results Software Herndon 4 Expansion
Rincon Technology Reston 14 New
Riverview Capital Advisors, LLC Reston 1 Expansion
Sage Communications Tysons Corner 8 Expansion
Salley Wealth Management Herndon 1 New
Samsung Techwin America (Korea) Tysons Corner 5 New
SC&H Group, LLC Tysons Corner 10 Expansion
Securitas AB (Sweden) Annandale 25 Expansion
Security & Energy Technologies Corporation Chantilly 2 Expansion
Serten Advisors Tysons Corner 10 New
ServicePower (United Kingdom) Reston 35 New
ServiceSource Alexandria 209 Expansion
ServiceNow Tysons Corner 24 New
SHW Group Reston 7 Expansion
Siteworx, Inc. Reston 40 Expansion
SpyderSafe Mobile Security, Inc. Tysons Corner 4 New
Strategy & Management Services, Inc. Springfield 70 Expansion
>Skyline Software Systems Inc. (Israel) >Herndon 9 Expansion
Spacenet, Inc. (Israel) Tysons Corner 11 Expansion
Surefire Social Reston 10 Expansion
Synaptic Solutions Reston 5 Expansion
TASC, Inc. Chantilly 494 Expansion
Tata Communications Ltd. (India) Herndon 6 Expansion
Tatusko Kennedy, PC Fairfax 1 Expansion
Telekom Malaysia Berhad (Malaysia) Tysons Corner 1 Expansion
TekMasters, LLC Chantilly 12 Expansion
The Select Group Reston 7 Expansion
The Teaching Company, LLC Chantilly 68 Expansion
Think Tank Global (China) Tysons Corner 1 Expansion
Timothy Paul, Inc. Fairfax 12 Expansion
Trusted Concepts Chantilly 12 Expansion
>u-blox AG (Switzerland) Reston 4 Expansion
Unissant, Inc. Reston 30 Expansion
Universal Consulting Services, Inc. Fairfax 25 Expansion
Urban Science Herndon 10 Expansion
URS Corporation Herndon 12 Expansion
Vanguard Research, Inc. Springfield 10 New
Virginia Heritage Bank Tysons Corner 24 Expansion
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (Germany) Herndon 107 Expansion
WebsiteAlive Tysons Corner 1 New
Winnerlane Career Exchange Springfield 2 New
Yellow Fiber Networks Reston 10 Expansion
Zerion Software, Inc. Herndon 6 Expansion