Fairfax County celebrates “First 100” employers as best workplaces for commuters

This week, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recognized a record number of 17 employers who have taken steps to become a Best Workplace for Commuters in 2019. The addition of these new employers strengthens Fairfax County’s position as the national leader with a total of 109 Best Workplaces for Employers designees since 2010.

Fairfax County Commuter Services (FCCS), a program of the county Department of Transportation, works with employers, residential properties and commuters to encourage alternatives to driving alone to work. By providing employers information about ridesharing, investing in their infrastructure for bicyclists and teleworkers, and providing incentives for commuters, FCCS is working to improve the quality of life in Fairfax County.

The employers honored as a 2019 Best Workplaces for Commuters in Fairfax County designation are:

The 2019 Best Workplaces for Commuters awardees offered a variety of transportation benefits and incentives to their employees to achieve the designation, including:

  • telework;
  • flextime and compressed work week;
  • SmarTrip® cards loaded on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction or a direct funding benefit to employees up to the maximum allowed by the IRS;
  • emergency ride home program;
  • ride matching services;
  • preferred parking for those who carpool;
  • bike parking, locker rooms and showers;
  • electric vehicle charging stations;
  • rides to transit via Uber and Lyft; and
  • local corporate housing for out of state visiting employees.

Mark Testoni, CEO of SAP NS2, an independent U.S. subsidiary of German software giant SAP, said the company is focused on alleviating stress on employees and environment. The company offers telework options that reduce the commuting footprint and benefits such as pre-tax advantages for transit fares and vanpool costs. SAP NS2 employees also have access to electric-vehicle recharging stations, and a guaranteed ride home in case of an emergency.

“Fairfax County is a great place to work and be in business. It’s a thriving technology corridor, rich in talented people, and close to our nation’s capital. But as local commuters know, traffic is congested and getting around can be a problem. As employers, we can be part of the solution,” Testoni said. At SAP NS2, being a good workplace for commuters isn’t just a company perk. It’s an essential part of the daily talent experience.”

Marcus Moore, lead employer-outreach specialist with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation, noted the benefits that employers and employees see from focusing on transportation options.

“Employers offering commuting alternatives receive value through enhanced recruitment and retention of staff, decreased parking expenses as well the ability to limit employee absenteeism,” Moore said. “It’s a win-win for the employers, the employees and Fairfax County.”

Julie Bond, manager of the Best Workplaces for Commuters Program at the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research, said being noted as a top workplace for commuters brings additional benefits for employers.

“Employee-provided commuter benefits give them a competitive edge not only in employee recruitment and retention but also in brand recognition,” Bond said. “We also know that commuting options can lead to an increase in productivity and put employers on the map for attracting top talent.”

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Recognized Employers that have been designated “Best Workplaces for Commuters” on Dec. 3, 2019. (Photo courtesy Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs)

Best Workplaces for Commuters is a membership program managed by the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida that provides qualified employers with national recognition and an elite designation for offering outstanding commuter benefits. For more information on becoming a Best Workplace for Commuters, or to set-up commuter benefits programs for your organizations, contact (FCCS at 703-877-5604 (TTY 711) or via email at DOTCommuterServices@fairfaxcounty.gov.

The E-Bird editor thanks Fairfax County Department of Transportation staff for the information they provided on the Best Workplaces for Commuters program and the event Tuesday.

FCEDA President and CEO Victor Hoskins and Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill in the podcast studio at the county Government Center. (Photo courtesy Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs)

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