July 7, 2009 - Focus on the Future Event

Focus on the Future – Prospects for UK/US Business

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For companies with plans to globalize their business and who are considering the US as a target market, this seminar will give an overview of how to expand internationally and how to do business in the US.

Expert panelists will discuss:

  • Commercial /corporate options and considerations, market entry strategies; dos and don'ts -- what do you need to know before you get started.
  • Testimonials /case studies of two companies successfully growing in the US.

Regardless whether your company wants to start new or expand your existing business, Fairfax County, the heart of the Greater Washington D.C. area, offers excellent opportunities for IT, Security, Telecom, Defence and Aerospace companies for penetrating the US market.

More than 360 foreign companies are already taking advantage of the well educated workforce, the excellent and internationally focused school system, and the neighborhood of thousands of dynamic high-tech companies to work and consult with. Some of them, e.g. QinetiQ North America, Rolls Royce and Serco, but also younger high-tech companies such as Aigis, Consult2Comply and Computrad have established their North American headquarters in Fairfax County.


Moderator: Peter Hunt, CMG, Managing Director, BritishAmerican Business

Session 1

Panel discussion covering the general and employment related legal issues and financial and HR challenges facing companies when establishing a presence in the US. 


Session 2

Case study / testimonial of a company with recent and longer-term experience and/or a presence in doing business in the US (real-life examples; lessons learned; dos and don’ts).



The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

In cooperation with

Morrison Forrester, FW Stephens, Dahl Morrow, QinetiQ, SRA International, Inc.

With suppport from

British American Business


Catherine Riley, V.P. of Marketing, FCEDA, speaks about the advantages of a Fairfax County location during the July 7 meeting in London.

Catherine Riley, V.P. Marketing, FCEDA, speaks about the advantages of a Fairfax County location during the July 7 meeting in London.


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