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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Starting from its Tysons Corner showroom, Evans Federal brings command-and-control to vivid life

From the exterior, Evans Federal Solutions' first-floor office on Spring Hill Road in Tysons Corner is completely unassuming. A visitor needs to venture inside to appreciate Evans' futuristic world of command-and-control centers, with high-resolution monitors, LED images and maps that jump off the screen in a semi-darkened showplace.

Through a 21st-century collaboration of form and function, Evans has designed and installed command centers for government agencies, the military, airports, utilities, 911 and traffic management centers. The company has also served space centers, medical centers, Hollywood and big-league sports customers.

Whether the situation calls for real-time security monitoring or instant replay, fanciful fun or life-and-death, Evans provides highest-quality equipment and an installation process that professionals rely upon.

It all starts in Fairfax County, where E-Bird Extra spoke to Evans Federal CEO Jason Rowley about what his company does and why Tysons Corner is the right place to do it.

E-Bird Extra: In a nutshell, what does Evans Federal do?

Jason Rowley: We design and build command-and-control centers and security-operations centers for a diverse client base of federal agencies and Fortune 500s all over the world. We have hundreds of federal customers and have completed more than 11,000 projects.

EE: What do you do here in Tysons Corner?

JR: This is where we invite every government agency to come visit with us to help design and plan their operations centers. This is where we really get to know our customers and the individuals who are going to work in these spaces. We like them to come and sit down to discuss their operational plans. In some cases we can mock up the room, just like it will be in their future centers.

EE: It seems like you're truly specialists in your field.

JR: What's especially innovative about Evans Federal is that we're singularly focused on 24/7 operations centers. As opposed to working with four or five different companies to help design and plan your center, we're the single point of contact. We're your architect. We're your general contractor, your technology integrator, your security specialists. We're a one-stop shop for all of that. From the lighting to the acoustics to the furnishings to the technology, we cover every aspect. We like to start with a concrete slab and to build from the ground up.

EE: Is there anything else that separates Evans from the competition?

JR:  Being in the D.C. area, we've had government agencies sponsor us for security clearance. I'm not sure there's another company that builds and designs operations centers that has that level of clearance and access to federal customers. We've built over 11,000 rooms and no two of them are alike. Missions are evolving and changing and we really thrive on the opportunity to create something that's unique.

EE: Your company name seems to be a bit of a misnomer because you do work with private corporations.

JR: We work with Fortune 500s all over the world -- companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Exxon Mobil and Chevron. We work with electrical transmission distribution companies and with utilities and pipelines with security operations centers in almost every major market. We also work with major sports leagues and even Hollywood.

EE: What have been your most interesting projects?

JR: In addition to working with NASA, we have built command-and-control centers that sports leagues use for instant replay. We've also built command-and-control centers for movies like Jurassic World and the Fast & Furious. Working with Hollywood is a little different experience. Jurassic World challenged us to really press on some new concepts and innovations in design. But what's very different is that it wasn't an operations center meant to last. They wanted to break it down, literally 10 seconds after filming was done.

EE: That seems so diametrically opposite to the way you would typically construct a room to stand the test of time.

JR: The technology in our showroom is rated for 24/7. Unlike your home theater system, these systems are never meant to be turned off. When it comes to installation, our customers are counting on us to bring the best and brightest to actually build and implement their project. Evans Federal is affiliated with Evans Consoles, a 38-year-old company based in Calgary, Alberta, and we install many of their high-quality units. All of our units are of the highest quality. A customer in Fairfax County who's buying a home may spend $200 to $400 per square foot (for command and control). A federal or commercial customer is going to spend more like $1,000 to $2,000 per square foot with all the technology and outfitting we're going to do in their room.

EE: What is the latest and greatest in terms of control room technology?

JR: 3D virtual reality has really been a game changer for our business. We conduct a virtual-reality session for customers that allows them to put the (VR) goggles on and actually walk inside their room before it's ever constructed. That way, we can interactively design and plan a room.

EE: What is your greatest challenge?

JR: The biggest challenge for us is gaining access to very busy customers. That's where our Tysons Corner location comes into play. If you're going to be in the federal space, you need to be here in the county. A customer may tell you they're available in the afternoon but it turns out they're only available for one hour in the morning. We need the ability to jump on the Metro -- the Silver Line is right here -- and gain access to those individuals when they're available. That's why we purposely located in this building long before the Silver Line was built. We knew it was coming back in 2008 when we located here. Now, we have quick access to the Pentagon and government agencies without having to find a place to park.

EE: Are there other reasons why Fairfax County works for you?

JR:  We are able to find the talent we need in Fairfax County. Key partners, like Planar Federal (video wall and display manufacturer) and Think Logical (multi-level security devices), who work with us on many projects, are located here in Tysons Corner. As you can imagine, designing and building a room like this requires subject matter experts. We require technology and integration experts. We work with architects, interior designers, experts in acoustics and lighting and multi-level security integration experts, so having proximity to the equipment and talent we need is very important to us.

Evans Federal Solutions is located at 1577 Spring Hill Road, Tysons Corner, VA. 22182; 855-284-1129; www.evansonline.com


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