Cloud Computing

Industry Sector: Cloud Computing

Cloud technology is on solid ground in Fairfax County.

A fast-emerging market, cloud computing provides the ability to store resources, software and information across a shared network and to share that data with computers and other devices on demand. The cloud’s growth is driven by the increasing need for data analytics, social networking, mobile applications, digital marketing and projects that require secure online data storage and analysis.

Whether it’s the public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, Fairfax County embraces servers, storage, networking, virtualization and applications.  The county’s strong concentrations of cloud computing businesses provide products across the spectrum, including infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and software as a service.

And Fairfax County firms that are entrenched in the cloud benefit from a highly-skilled workforce and a customer base of both government and private sector clients, not to mention the robust internet infrastructure. Northern Virginia is among the world leaders in concentration of data centers. In all, there are 43 data centers in Fairfax County, occupying 2.5 million square feet of space.

Incredibly, 70 percent of world Internet traffic passes through northern Virginia Internet exchange points and data centers. Two of the five most important internet exchange points on the East Coast (part of Metropolitan Area Exchange-East or MAE-East) are located in Fairfax County in Reston and Vienna.

Industry leaders anchored in Fairfax County include Amazon Web Services, Oracle, EMC, Netuitive, ViON, AT&T, Virustream, Centrom and VM Ware.