Digital Media

Industry Sector: Digital Media

The convergence of deep information technology talent and a wealth of content producers provide fertile ground for the digital media industry in Fairfax County.

Digital media includes web applications and services, video and film production, interactive producers and content users. In Fairfax County, fast-growing start-ups and established businesses alike have expertise in building mobile applications, UX/UI design, gaming, social networks, the Internet of Things and wearable technology. Major employers include AT&T, Google, Sprint, Tegna and Verizon.

Traditional and new media companies in the county provide expertise in email and geolocation marketing, content creation and advertising. All take advantage of the county’s workforce assets  to serve mobile network operators, content providers, mobile app developers and device retailers.

With access to large business and consumer markets, companies like  10Pearls, Augaroo, Canvas, Corner Media , CrowdTorch, TriVision, and Zerion Software are thriving in Fairfax County. A highly skilled workforce provides both the technical talent – application developers, Java developers, software developers and Ruby engineers – and the creative talent, including writers, editors, graphic designers and video editors that digital media companies demand.