News from our Seoul office

One-on-one meetings with Korea Data Agency

Thanks to a partnership with Korea Data Agency (Kdata), the FCEDA participated in a one-on-one business meeting event with Korean data companies in Seoul on October 17.

Kdata supports data-related companies’ growth and business expansion to the global market. Kdata recruits data-related companies that are interested in Kdata’s global business support program. FCEDA visited Kdata to discuss cooperation to assist the company with conducting business in Fairfax County.

Andrew Yu, the FCEDA business investment manager for the Asia-Pacific region, and Charles Kim, FCEDA Korea marketing director, met with the companies. They focused on business expansion in the U.S. market and business opportunities in Fairfax County, which is minutes from Washington, D.C., and is home to many companies that focus on data analytics for private and public-sector customers.

Left to right: BK Kim, Director, Korea Data Agency; Young-Il Kim, Vice President, Datastreams; Andrew Yu, Business Investment Manager for Asia Pacific, FCEDA; Charles Kim, Marketing Director, FCEDA Seoul. (photo credit: K-Data)

Left to right: Erin Chung, Senior Manager at Korea Data Agency, Sung Yong Park, CEO, Edenlux, Andrew Yu, Business Investment Manager for Asia Pacific, FCEDA Seoul; Charles Kim, Marketing Director, FCEDA Seoul.

Global Public Procurement Marketplace

FCEDA Korea Director Charles Kim participated in the Global Public Procurement Marketplace 2019 on November 6-8.

The event aimed to organize procurement workshops and one-to-one business meetings to support Korean SMEs’ business expansion to the global public procurement market. Sixty-five foreign government procurement contractors and buyers from 24 foreign countries, including three buyers from the U.S., met with Korean SMEs to discuss business opportunities in the foreign government procurement markets.

Kim and Laszlo Horvath, president of Active Media, a Fairfax County company, met with Korean technology companies from the ICT and cybersecurity sectors, answered questions about doing business with the U.S. government and explained the advantages of doing business in Fairfax County, including the proximity to Washington DC.

Left to right: Dongwook Shin, G-PASS; Laszlo Horvath, FCEDA Seoul , Charles Kim, FCEDA Seoul) (photo credit: G-PASS)

FCEDA attends IT Expo Busan & Cloud Expo Korea

FCEDA Korea Director Charles Kim attended the IT Expo Busan & Cloud Expo Korea, held at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center on November 25-27.

At the exhibition and conference, Kim participated in one-on-one meetings with Korean ICT companies that are expanding their business to the U.S. market. He introduced Fairfax County as a prime location for Korean ICT companies that want to start, relocate or expand their business in the U.S. In addition, Kim highlighted FCEDA services and the advantages of doing business in Fairfax County.

Left to right: clockwise: Charles & SS Jo, CEO, LEDSoft; DK An, Director, Traum; TW Ahn, Director, Data Save

Ehost USA Established in Fairfax County in 2019

Since its establishment in 2004 Seoul, EhostICT has been providing services to domestic and overseas users and has developed into a company capable of providing total IT services. In 2019, its U.S. corporation, called EhostUSA, was established in Fairfax County.

Through the IDC business, EhostICT is able to have its own IDC farm in more than 30 countries and provide overseas hosting services in 74 countries worldwide.

EhostICT has accumulated technical know-how based on 16 years of hosting experience, service know-how gained from blockchain and cloud technology, and recently launched an artificial intelligence datacenter service. Based on its U.S. operation in Fairfax County, EhostICT plans to expand their business not only to the U.S. market but also to the global market, according to the company.

Arad Networks Set Up Operations in Fairfax County

Network security company Arad Networks has set up a U.S. corporation in Fairfax County to expand to the U.S. security market. Arad Networks plans to introduce customized anti-hacking solutions in the U.S. market.

Chung Chang-young, CEO of Arad Networks, said, “We identified the demand and marketability of the U.S. security market. Fairfax County is a major business center in the Washington, D.C., area, is the hub of the U.S. security industry and the world’s largest federal government procurement market. We will explore business opportunities by combining IT technologies in various fields such as defense, CCTV, software, finance, healthcare, smart cars, and drones, as well as in the U.S. government procurement market.”

“Now we are developing network security CCTV with Honeywell in order to sell solutions in the U.S. market. I would like to achieve meaningful results by collaborating with various global companies in the security market and expand our business across the U.S. through our strategic base in Fairfax County,” Chang-young added.

CoCoLink opens U.S. office in Fairfax County

CoCoLink, a Korean tech company, opened its U.S. office in Fairfax County. The company is manufacturing and providing supercomputer hardware and high-performance scientific/engineering software that runs on supercomputers.

As a subsidiary of Seoul National University (SNU), CoCoLink is collaborating with professors and researchers at SNU to develop supercomputing software.

CoCoLink selected Fairfax County for expanding its business for the U.S. East Coast market because it is a hub of the U.S. tech Industry and because most of the company’s existing and potential customers are in the Washington, D.C., and Virginia areas, according to the company.