Fairfax County EDA works with 60 businesses adding more than 1,400 jobs to the local economy

Seven foreign-owned firms among growing companies

Thursday, August 29, 2013

During the second quarter of 2013, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) provided services and resources to 60 businesses that are adding more than 1,400 jobs in Fairfax County. Most of these businesses are in the information technology and professional services sectors, and seven are foreign-based firms using a Fairfax County location to expand in North America.

“It is most impressive for so many companies in Fairfax County to be hiring at this time,” said Gerald L. Gordon, Ph.D., president and CEO of the FCEDA. “In the midst of federal budget issues and a generally slow economy, such growth speaks to the continuing diversification of the county’s economy and its core vitality.”

One of the most prominent announcements came from Amazon Web Services, which designs and offers IT infrastructure services to business and government customers and is adding 500 IT-focused jobs to the county economy. Other businesses that are creating jobs in Fairfax County: 

  • Ampcus, a minority- and woman-owned professional services and IT firm, adding 96 jobs;
  • Navigant Consulting, a business consulting services company, adding 50 jobs; and,
  • Headstrong, an IT, research and risk management service provider whose parent company Genpact is based in India, adding 12 jobs.

“We have been growing Ampcus at 40 percent year-on-year and would attribute a large factor of this success to the place where we are situated,” said Ampcus CEO Anjali "Ann" Ramakumaran. “Fairfax County is the best-suited county to locate a business from infancy to becoming a large corporation. The proximity to the government and the talent that you find contribute to that success, and I thank the FCEDA for its assistance at each stage of our growth. The educational seminars that we have attended in our early stages on how to run a business, and then assistance in developing teaming arrangements on contracts, really helped us.”

Below are companies that worked with the FCEDA in April, May and June of 2013 and are adding 1,458 jobs to the Fairfax County economy:

Company Web site Postal Address Jobs New or Expansion
AdJuggler www.adjuggler.com Alexandria 8 E
AFrame Digital Inc. www.aframedigital.com Reston 7 E
Agile Defense, Inc. www.agile-defense.com Fairfax 25 E
Amazon Web Services, Inc. www.amazon.com Herndon 500 E
American Technology Services, Inc. www.networkats.com Fairfax 20 E
Ampcus Inc. www.ampcus.com Chantilly 96 E
Berenzweig Leonard www.berenzweiglaw.com Tysons Corner 5 E
BizDevUS, LLC (Israel) www.bizdevusa.com Reston 2 E
BTRG www.btrgroup.com Chantilly 7 N
Centurion Research Solutions www.4centurion.com Chantilly 10 E
Comter Systems www.comter.com Fairfax 15 E
Continuum International, Inc. www.continuumrelo.com Reston 1 E
Edward Jones www.edwardjones.com McLean 30 E
El-Far Electronics Systems (Israel) www.elfar.co.il Tysons Corner 1 N
Gilat Satellite Newtworks (Israel) www.gilat.com Tysons Corner 3 E
Headstrong (India) www.headstrong.com Reston 12 E
Hilltop Advisors, LLC www.hilltopadvisors.com Tysons Corner 20 E
IMT Holdings, Corp. www.imtholdings.com Reston 4 E
Infinity Consulting Solutions www.infinity-cs.com Tysons Corner 4 N
Intellinote, Inc. www.intellinote.net Reston 10 N
Internet Society www.internetsociety.org Reston 12 E
Iridium Communications Inc. www.iridium.com Tysons Corner 5 E
John Marshall Bank www.johnmarshallbank.com Reston 9 E
Kaztronix, LLC. www.kaztronix.com Tysons Corner 3 E
MainStreet Bank www.mstreetbank.com McLean 11 E
Management Analysis, Incorporated www.mainet.com Tysons Corner 2 E
MarCom Group www.marcomgroup.com Fairfax 1 E
Matt Martin Real Estate Management LLC www.mmrem.com Tysons Corner 39 N
Millennium Weavers, LLC (Saudi Arabia) www.millenniumweavers.com Tysons 1 N
Mirixa Corporation www.mirixa.com Reston 10 E
Modus Create www.moduscreate.com Reston 13 E
mPortal, Inc. www.mportal.com Tysons Corner 12 E
Navigant Consulting, Inc. www.navigantconsulting.com Tysons Corner 50 E
NetEx Inc. www.netexinc.com Vienna 4 E
NewCoIT www.newcoit.com Reston 10 E
Nexius Solutions, Inc. www.nexius.com Reston 25 E
NextXAP, Inc. www.nextsap.com Herndon 30 E
OBXtek, Inc. www.obxtech.com Tysons Corner 65 E
Optimos Incorporated www.optimos.com Reston 13 E
Organizational Communications, Inc. www.ociwins.com Reston 2 E
Patton Boggs LLP www.pattonboggs.com Tysons Corner 78 E
Pleasant Valley Business Solutions, LLC www.pvbs.net Reston 5 E
Pro-Line Embroidery www.goproline.com Springfield 1 E
Product Savvy Consulting (Israel) www.productsavvy.com Tysons Corner 2 E
RCG, Inc. www.rcg.com Herndon 15 E
RightStar Inc. www.rightstarsystems.com Tysons Corner 2 E
Spear, Inc. www.spear-inc.net Tysons Corner 13 E
Sterling Atlantic Law Group www.sterlingatlantic.com Reston 12 N
Syscom Technologies, Inc. www.syscomtechinc.com Chantilly 30 E
TCoombs Associates, LLC www.tcassociates.com Springfield 100 E
TEOCO Corporation www.teoco.com Fairfax 20 E
The Shopping Center Group www.theshoppingcentergroup.com Springfield 1 E
Troopswap www.troopswap.com Tysons Corner 4 E
Tuomey Turfgrass Consulting www.tuomeyturfgrassconsulting.com Alexandria 2 N
Uber Offices LLC www.uberoffices.com Tysons Corner 7 N
University of Fairfax www.ufairfax.edu Tysons Corner 2 E
VBrick Systems www.vbrick.com Herndon 10 N
WashingtonFirst Bank www.washingtonfirstbank.com Reston 28 E
WIPS Co., Ltd (Korea) www.global.wipscorp.com/main.do Tysons Corner 4 N
Zantech IT Services, Inc. www.zantechit.com Tysons Corner 25 E