Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Digital Media

Our Digital Media Profile includes a list of selected Fairfax County digital media companies that are involved with everything from global communications and customer insight to gaming and wearables.

Fact Sheets

Emerging Technologies

For decades, Fairfax County has created an environment that fosters innovation in technology and supports creativity. Our companies are reinventing the worlds of IT, software, aerospace and defense, and finance.

The FCEDA promotes Fairfax County as one of the world’s best business centers and offers an array of services and information to assist new, expanding and relocating companies and organizations, whether domestic or international. All business-development services are offered free of charge.

Fact Sheets

Financial Services

In Fairfax County, the financial services sector is being transformed by emerging technologies and one of the strongest IT workforces in the U.S.

Thanks to our proximity to the nation’s capital, more federal procurement award dollars go to companies located in Fairfax County than any other locality and almost any state.

This fact sheet suggests government contacts for the places to find procurement opportunities as well as additional information and contacts for finding public sector buyers of goods and services.

Hundreds of foreign-owned companies from around the globe already benefit from Fairfax County’s strategic location, centrally located on the east coast of the U.S., just outside Washington, D.C.

Fact Sheets

Life Sciences

Fairfax County lives at the intersection of precision medicine and data analytics with many companies that support the U.S. health system with expertise in life sciences.

Fact Sheets

Major Employers

Fairfax County’s largest employers are active in a broad array of industry sectors and include members of Fortune 500, Forbes Largest Private Companies and top employers lists.

This fact sheet offers suggestions of sites at which to conduct online research and sites which offer important business lists (both free sites and fee-based).

The pamphlet guides you through the six critical steps to take when launching a nonprofit in Fairfax County.

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