Emerging Technologies

For decades, Fairfax County has created an environment that fosters innovation in technology and supports creativity. As new technologies emerge, Fairfax County is at the forefront of embracing them to develop the industries of the future. Our companies are reinventing the worlds of IT, software, aerospace and defense, and finance. They are creating breakthroughs in blockchain, communications, cybersecurity, analytics, AI, personalized medicine and autonomous vehicles.

Fairfax County: The Power of Place

  • Access to the Washington, D.C., metro area with a large, diverse and highly educated population open to trying new products or ideas
  • A diverse and dynamic network of businesses, from Fortune 500 to technology start-ups
  •  A regional workforce with strengths in engineering, software development, system architecture design, web development and UX design
  •  Excellent location to test or bring emerging technologies to market
  •  Proximity to U.S. government patenting, regulatory and policy decision-makers
  •  Access to the leading minds of university and government research and development efforts via federal labs and regional Tier-1 research institutions

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