FCEDA Services

How can the FCEDA help me?
The FCEDA staff assists new and existing firms with general market information, locating office space and serving as a liaison with the main Fairfax County government. Specialized marketing staff can assist small, minority and women-owned companies, firms seeking venture capital or international firms wanting to open a U.S. office.

Are there any fees associated with any of the services provided?
Except for the issuance of industrial revenue bonds, there are no fees for services provided by the FCEDA.

What assistance can the FCEDA provide if our company has already finished the site selection process and is just about to set up an office in Fairfax County?
The FCEDA can provide updated information about the following areas which are often crucial to ensuring a successful establishment of a new office: lists of local venture capital companies, law firms, banks, and accounting companies. In addition, there may be special concerns regarding housing, schools and cultural amenities on behalf of employees, which the FCEDA can provide assistance on.

What if our company is foreign owned and has been in the county for several years? Is there anything that the FCEDA can do for us?
The FCEDA is very interested in forming relationships with the international companies that are already in the county. Their investment in the county is extremely important and the International Marketing Division is designed to respond to the needs of these firms. Examples include assistance with identifying real estate options for an expansion, liaison with county agencies for information on tax issues, formation of strategic partnerships, and introductions to local business and political leaders. In addition, the FCEDA worldwide offices in Bangalore, London, Munich, Seoul and Tel Aviv provide similar services to the headquarters operations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

If the company is located in Fairfax County already and is about to expand, the FCEDA can generated real estate information and market data to provide insight to the local market. Also, the FCEDA international staff coordinates with the Commonwealth of Virginia to secure state-based incentives for companies.

What incentives will the county provide to ensure that I move my company to Fairfax?
For a sample listing of business incentives, please look in the Business Incentives section.

Why does the FCEDA advertise?
For many years the FCEDA has been on the forefront of locality advertising. Our advertisements - heard on National Public Radio and on websites - promote the county as a business location as well as touting the high quality of life. Examples of our advertising campaigns are found in the EDA Services section of this Web site.

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