Why Fairfax County? A Geographic Comparison

We know you have a lot of choices in where to locate a business. By almost any measure, Fairfax County compares favorably to other areas of the country and the world. Here are five issues we hear from executives wondering how to compare business locations.

  • Taxes: Fairfax County is a pro-business county in a pro-business state. Our tax structure reflects that attitude.
  • Availability of talent: Fairfax County and the Washington, D.C., area have some of the largest concentrations of tech-savvy talent anywhere.
  • Permits and regulations: The Fairfax County government prides itself on its customer service. Let the FCEDA help you navigate the permitting process and see if your company qualifies for expedited regulatory processing.
  • Incentives: The Commonwealth of Virginia offers incentive packages for companies that meet requirements for job creation and capital investment. We can help you find out if you qualify.
  • Quality of life: A great public school system comes standard in Fairfax County. Virginia is renowned for its excellent colleges and universities. And the capital of the free world is just minutes away.

How does Fairfax County compare to other markets in tech talent?

Download an infographic that compares the availability of technology talent in the Fairfax County/Washington, D.C., area to other U.S. tech markets.  Contact us to get even more data on how Fairfax County stacks up against other business centers, and to find out how the FCEDA can help you start, expand or relocate your business here.

Geographic Comparisons