• National policies to help defend our nation
  • Practical realities of defending our nation’s critical infrastructure
  • How cybersecurity innovation bridges the gap between policy and practice

The summit also will feature the 3rd annual NVTC Capital Cybersecurity Awards. Finalists include:

Cyber CEO of the Year

  • Grant Elliot, Ostendio
  • Linda LaRoche, Computer Systems Center Incorporated (CSCI)
  • Gilman Louie, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions
  • Michael Volk, GuidePoint Security
  • John Wood, Telos

Cyber Company of the Year

  • Cybrary
  • GuidePoint Security
  • IronNet
  • Two Six Technologies

Cyber Deal of the Year

  • IronNet
  • Tracepoint
  • Two Six Technologies

Cyber Executive of the Year

  • Rob Palmer, ShorePoint
  • Anubhav Raj, Aligned

Cyber Government Contractor of the Year

  • 22nd Century Technologies
  • Intelligent Waves
  • ShorePoint

Cyber Startup of the Year

  • Cynalytica
  • Shift5
  • Tracepoint

Entrepreneurship workshop set for Nov. 9, will spotlight Favor TechConsulting CEO