Working in Fairfax County

Working in Fairfax County

Come for a Job, Stay for a Career.

Fairfax County, Virginia is a great place to live, and work!With thousands of technology companies doing business in Fairfax County in homeland security, Internet, e-commerce, software development, telecommunications, systems integration and aerospace, employment opportunities are numerous. In fact, we like to say you come to Fairfax for a job but stay for a career.

Most tech companies post job openings on their Web sites. A selected list of technology companies located in Fairfax County is available on this Web site. Many employers also list job opportunities on Web sites such as, Hirestrategy,, and

The Northern Virginia Workforce Investment Board (NVWIB) is a group of private and public sector partners who work together to promote economic prosperity and long-term growth of Northern Virginia. The SkillSource Group, Inc. (SSG) is a separate non profit entity of the NVWIB. Its Web site ——is a on-line job center for those interested in working in northern Virginia. Other workforce training programs include an apprentice-based program and a workforce services program.

The Northern Virginia Technology Council maintains a list of member companies with employment opportunities. The Northern Virginia Community College's CareerStart offers employers a range of services and its Workforce Development Division assistants employers with training. George Mason University also offers assistance to employers.

The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority posts its job openings in the Career Opportunities section of this Web site. The Fairfax County Government has an extensive listing of job openings.