Fairfax County:
Global Tech Hub

Fairfax County boasts a thriving, inclusive business community of innovators and leaders in a wide range of sectors. Thanks also to a diverse talent pool of highly educated individuals, Fairfax County is a global tech hub for companies that want to succeed.

A group of coworkers watches a presentation in a conference room

Diversity and inclusion in action

The most diverse region in Virginia, Fairfax County celebrates its many communities. Women and minorities make up larger percentages of the tech workforce than other tech hubs, including Black, Latino and Asian individuals from around the world, helping to achieve more equality of opportunities for everyone.

Residents walk through Reston Town Center in Reston, VA

Strategic and competitive pricing

As compared to similar global tech hubs, such as Silicon Valley or New York City, Fairfax County boasts competitive pricing. Total operation and labor costs are less than competitors, creating opportunities for companies to hire local talent who enjoy a lower cost of living for a high quality of life in Northern Virginia.

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Technology and innovation at the forefront

Fairfax County is close to Washington, D.C., where institutions innovate in fields such as defense, cybersecurity and banking. With the Northern Virginia region having four times the data center capacity of Silicon Valley, and more than 8,700 tech companies calling Fairfax County home, it's no wonder Fairfax County is the premier tech hub on the East Coast.

The Capital One building in Fairfax, VA is lit up at night in red, white and blue

Untapped potential and new horizons

Highly educated talent and resource-rich universities make Fairfax County an ideal place to start fresh. More than 60 percent of locals have bachelor’s degrees and one in four of jobs are in tech. Other hubs are already too established to make waves, but Fairfax County offers the excitement and diversity that drives new ideas and success.


Fairfax County

Minutes from the nation’s capital, Fairfax County blends the best of comfortable living with access to many large cities on the East Coast, including Boston, New York City, Baltimore, Richmond and Miami. It’s easily accessible to most American cities. Major airports nearby make it convenient to travel to and from international headquarters with numerous direct flights.

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