A High-Tech Biomedical and Health Care Hub

Within Fairfax County, life science firms are developing innovative products and services in diagnostics, therapeutics, remote monitoring, pharmaceuticals and DNA forensics.

Fairfax County lives at the intersection of precision medicine and data analytics with many companies that support the U.S. health system with expertise in life sciences. The region’s innovative companies are working to improve quality of life for our citizens and our military, merging biological research, cutting-edge technology and the pursuit of personalized wellness.

Fairfax is moving to the national forefront of life science research and development with the 117-acre Inova Center for Personalized Health campus, which works with collegiate partners to support a major genomics and research institute and medical school. Robust cloud computing and Internet infrastructure resources provide unlimited potential for digital solutions related to life-science industries and data analytics. Emerging markets include bioinformatics, personalized medicine, genomics, and proteomics.

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David Kelley, Director, National Business Investment

David Kelley

Director, National Business Investment


Rankings & Facts


workers are employed in life, physical and social science occupations


workers are employed in healthcare practitioner and healthcare technical occupations.


people employed in computer and mathematical occupations


metro in the U.S. for consumer health expenditures


local colleges and universities offer life sciences, technology and wellness-related programs


degrees awarded annually


technology establishments provide unlimited potential and support for digital health, life science and data analytics solutions

Top players driving innovation in Fairfax County

What the Data Says

Life, Physical and Social Science Occupations

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, 2020